Rural Health Care


Letter of Exemption

The letter of exemption (LOE) provides written authorization to the project coordinator of a consortium to file for sites owned and operated by the consortium. The LOE should be addressed to "USAC review staff" or "to whom it may concern."


The LOE must include the:

  • Name of entity that owns and operates all consortium member sites that is authorized to submit forms of behalf of those consortium members.
  • Physical location address of the consortium member site.
  • Signature, title, and contact information (including mailing address, phone number, and email address) of an officer, director, or other employee of the consortium member submitting the LOE.
  • Date of signature.
  • Verification in the form of a statement from the consortium leader that the consortium/consortium leader owns and operates all member HCPs listed on the LOE document or that all member HCPs listed on the LOE document are ineligible sites.

Things to Know

  • It is recommended that the LOE be submitted on the letterhead of the participating health system or consortium member.
  • No FCC Forms 460 for consortium members can be processed without an approved LOE.
  • The LOE must be submitted to USAC using My Portal. To review the step-by-step process, check out the LOA/LOE Submission User Guide.