Rural Health Care


Throughout the year the RHC Program hosts webinars on a variety of topics from basic information about the program to more detailed information about certain forms to important program rule changes and updates. Applicants, service providers, and interested stakeholders of the Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) Program and the Telecommunications program are invited to learn more about the program or topic and ask questions or seek clarification on program rules during these webinars.

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Recent & Upcoming Webinars

There are no upcoming webinars at this time.

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Featured Webinars

RHC Program Funding Cap Order Informational Webinar
23:53 minutes | July 2018
FY2017 Funding Information Webinar
43:31 minutes | March 2018
Request for Services Best Practices
53:59 minutes | December 2017
HCF Program Invoicing Best Practices
34:43 minutes | November 2017
Intro to the RHC Program Webinar featured
36:52 minutes | March 2017
RHC Eligibility Forms: Submitting the FCC Form 460 and 465
37:18 minutes | March 2017