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Consortia Invoicing Video Series

These videos are designed to show how a consortium applicant creates an FCC Form 463, the invoice and request for disbursement form, in My Portal.

Before You Begin

An introduction to the FCC Form 463, including prerequisites such as approval of an FCC Form 462 and a funding commitment letter.

1:18 minutes

General Information

Learn how to navigate My Portal and review the General Information block of the form.

1:49 minutes

FRN Search

Learn how to add expense items to the invoice.

0:55 minutes

Invoice Line Items

The Invoice Line Items tab is where you will enter the major substance of the invoice.

5:31 minutes

Supporting Documentation & Certification

Learn how to upload documents such as a vendor bill or a spreadsheet of expenses. This video also discusses how to certify the FCC Form 463.

3:51 minutes