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Lifeline companies are required to offer broadband to either your home, through your wireless device, or as part of a bundle, with some exceptions. Please confirm the availability of broadband in your area with your company.

This list is updated regularly, but please note, companies may not provide service to the entire state. Contact a company to find out if they serve your area.

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NamePhoneService Type
Gold Star Communications  Wireless
Union Wireless 888-926-2273Wireless
Tempo Telecom 877-822-8501Wireless
Boomerang Wireless 866-488-8719Wireless
RT Communications, Inc. 800-647-9841Home Phone
Advanced Communications Technology 307-673-0910Home Phone
CenturyLink 800-407-5411Home Phone
Dubois Telephone Exchange 800-877-7699Home Phone
Range Telephone 800-927-2643Home Phone
Silver Star Communications 307-883-2411Home Phone
TCT West 800-354-2911Home Phone
Tri County Telephone Association 800-354-2911Home Phone
Union Telephone Company 715-365-6301Home Phone

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