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Lifeline companies are required to offer broadband to either your home, through your wireless device, or as part of a bundle, with some exceptions. Please confirm the availability of broadband in your area with your company.

This list is updated regularly, but please note, companies may not provide service to the entire state. Contact a company to find out if they serve your area.

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NamePhoneService Type
Access Wireless 888-900-5899Wireless
Assurance Wireless 888-898-4888Wireless
AT&T Mobility 800-377-9450Wireless
Blue Jay Wireless 855-425-8529Wireless
enTouch Wireless 866-488-8719Wireless
FeelSafe Wireless (Air Voice) 877-247-7799Wireless
Life Wireless 888-543-3620Wireless
Q Link Wireless 855-754-6543Wireless
Safelink Wireless 800-723-3546Wireless
Safety Net Wireless 888-224-3213Wireless
TruConnect 800-430-0443Wireless
StandUp Wireless 800-544-4441Wireless
Tempo Telecom 877-822-8501Wireless
Thumb Cellular 866-321-2323Wireless
Assist Wireless 855-392-7747Wireless
TAG Mobile 866-959-4918 Wireless
American Broadband & Telecommunications 866-765-2628Wireless
Midwest Energy Cooperative 800-492-5989Home Phone
Allband 866-500-6799Home Phone
Michigan Central Broadband Company 906-639-1111Home Phone
Hiawatha Telephone Company 866-321-2323Home Phone
Michigan Central Broadband Co 855-642-4227Home Phone
Allband Communications Cooperative 866-500-6799Home Phone
Acentek 866-321-2323Home Phone
American Broadband & Telecommunications 866-765-2628Home Phone
AT&T 800-288-2020Home Phone
Baraga Telephone Company 906-353-6644Home Phone
Barry County Telephone Company 866-321-2323Home Phone
Blanchard Telephone 989-561-9930Home Phone
Bloomingdale Telephone Company 800-377-3130Home Phone
Carr Telephone Company 231-898-2244Home Phone
CenturyLink 877-290-5458Home Phone
Chapin Telephone Company 989-661-2476Home Phone
Climax Telephone Company 800-627-5287Home Phone
Deerfield Farmers' Telephone Co. 800-311-7340Home Phone
Frontier 800-921-8101Home Phone
Global Connection of America 877-331-1059Home Phone
Kaleva Telephone Company 866-321-2323Home Phone
Lennon Telephone Company 888-204-1077Home Phone
Midway Telephone Company 866-321-2323Home Phone
Ogden Telephone Company 517-443-5595Home Phone
Ontonagon County Telephone Company 866-321-2323Home Phone
Pigeon Telephone Company 800-292-0614Home Phone
Sand Creek Telephone Company 866-380-5721Home Phone
Springport Telephone Company 517-857-3100Home Phone
TDS Telecom/Chatham Telephone Company 888-225-5837Home Phone
TDS Telecom/Communications Corporation of Michigan 888-225-5837Home Phone
TDS Telecom/Island Telephone Company 888-225-5837Home Phone
TDS Telecom/Shiawassee Telephone Company 888-225-5837Home Phone
TDS Telecom/Wolverine Telephone Company 888-225-5837Home Phone
Upper Peninsula Telephone Company 855-642-4227Home Phone
Waldron Telephone Company 517-286-6211Home Phone
Westphalia Telephone Company 855-878-0210Home Phone
Winn Telephone Company 989-866-2421Home Phone

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