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Universal Consumer Forms

Q3: What is the final version of the form? Will there be any more changes?
Q4: What if my company doesn’t use the new forms?
Q5: The forms say to sign in black ink. What if they use a different color ink?
Q6: Do we have to wait until July 1? Or can we start using the forms earlier?
Q7: Do we need to obtain a new application form (FCC Form 5629) for all subscribers prior to July 1? Or just any new subscriber?
Q8: Is it correct that for recertification, we need to begin using the recertification form for the July 2018 anniversary group?
Q9: How does this change the annual recertification process?
Q10: If the state has a Lifeline form, should we keep using it post-July 1?
Q11: Who do we contact to see if our state requires its own form?
Q12: Do states with a Lifeline program administrator need to use the FCC’s universal Lifeline consumer forms?
Q13: What should we do if a state-mandated form includes different information than the Lifeline eligibility form?
Q14: Can you provide an example of state-specific questions that can be added to the FCC forms?
Q15: Can we add our logo, company name, and contact information on the form?
Q16: Can we decrease the spacing and font to fit the form on fewer pages?
Q17: Can we add a bar code?
Q19: Are we allowed to create an online version of the form?
Q20: Can we accept applications over the phone using the new universal forms?
Q21: Can you provide guidance on translating the recertification form into an Interactive Voice Response form that can be completed over the phone?
Q23: Are we required to meet Federal e-signature requirements for the initialed certification statement?
Q24: On the universal application form, there is a Section 5 that asks for agent information. Who is the agent (a customer service rep, guardian, customer)? Is all information required, and if so, what is the Agent ID number that should be used?
Q25: On the new forms, where should the customer provide permission for a benefit transfer? We are required to collect proof of consent when a customer transfers to us from a different Lifeline company.
Q26: When an existing Lifeline customer switches from phone to internet credits, do they fill out the entire form again?
Q28: The universal Recertification Form does not contain a section for Beneficiary. Some states require the company to see proof on recertification. Shouldn’t this section be present?
Q29: If USAC performs the annual recertifications for our subscribers, are we required to use the new recertification forms?
Q31: Is there ever an occasion when the Household worksheet is not required? If it is always required, could the forms be combined so the privacy language is only printed once?