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Legacy Recertification

Q1: In paragraph 418 of the Order it says, “Beginning July 1, 2017, all subscribers enrolled prior to January 1, 2017, will need to be recertified on a rolling basis based on the subscriber’s service initiation date.” If an ETC recertifies 100% of its eligible base before July 2017, can it roll out the new process after that date?
Q2: With rolling recertification, does a subscriber that enrolls on June 15, 2016, need to be recertified by the end of 2017?
Q5: If a subscriber enrolled using a retiring eligibility program, are they still eligible until their next recertification? And how can the carrier recertify them going forward?
Q6: Can service providers batch rolling recertifications by month or quarter?
Q7: If a state commission is responsible for recertification, and has additional eligibility criteria for its own low income telephone assistance program, will it continue to play a role in recertification for federal Lifeline?
Q8: For existing customers, when should we use the “old” recertification process (based on the February FCC Form 497), and when should we use the new “rolling” process?
Q9: How does rolling recertification affect the FCC Form 555 filing?
Q10: When does the customer need to recertify each year: Their birthday, or activation date?