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Address Resolution

Subscriber addresses are validated through the USPS Address Matching Service (AMS). If a match is not found, the system will reject the entry with the following error message:

Error Code Description
INVALID_ADDRESS Address unrecognized (failed Address Matching Service).

Carriers may resolve an invalid address error by reviewing documentation that confirms the address is deliverable. Acceptable documentation that may be used is outlined in the Verification column in the “Address Dispute Resolution Error Codes” table below.

How to Submit an Address Resolution Request

  1. Log in to NLAD.
  2. Visit the “Submit Resolution Request” page.
  3. Type your Resolution ID into the search box. The failed transaction will appear, along with the reason for the rejection and the transaction details.
  4. Review the transaction information.
  5. Enter the following required information when submitting the resolution request:
    • The name and/or ID of the agent who reviewed the subscriber’s information.
    • Select the “A” code that corresponds to the documentation used to confirm the address.
    • Check the certification box.
  6. Click “Submit Resolution Request to NLAD Customer Service.”

Carriers will not be able to submit a resolution request if they do not provide all of the required information (e.g., agent name and/or ID, documentation reviewed, and the certification statement).

Address Resolution Error Codes (“A” Codes)

These codes are used to confirm that an address is deliverable. When using these codes, the subscriber’s first and last name must be present on the verification documentation.

Code Verification
A1 Reviewed unexpired driver’s license
A2 Reviewed utility bill
A3 Reviewed current income statement from an employer, paycheck stub, or W-2
A4 Reviewed prior year’s state, federal or Tribal tax return
A5 Reviewed current mortgage or lease statement
A6 Reviewed unexpired government, state, or Tribal issued ID
A7 Confirmed with local USPS that address is a deliverable address
A8 Reviewed government assistance program documents
A9 Reviewed statement of benefits from a qualifying program which contains name and address of subscriber
A10 Reviewed retirement/pension statement of benefits
A11 Reviewed an unemployment/workers’ compensation statement of benefits
A12 Reviewed as valid address compared to local, state, or federal government address data or documentation sources
A13 Reviewed documentation containing the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates of subscriber’s address

Carriers must securely retain copies of documentation reviewed to override the NLAD address failure (Section 54.404 (b)(11)).

With questions regarding dispute resolution, please contact Lifeline Program or call us at (800) 234-9473.