National Lifeline Accountability Database (NLAD)

NLAD Resources

The resources provided below include definitions, samples, templates, information about uploading data, and more. Please review them and submit any questions via email to NLAD Support.

Using the Input Template

We know that users have many questions regarding how to properly input data into NLAD to avoid receiving error messages or having your file rejected. The best way to start is to use the NLAD Input Template. This CSV file has been formatted so that all you need to do is input your data.

For an example of a completed NLAD Input Template, review the sample input file above. This file sample is completed for three different subscribers under the same SAC.

Here are a few more resources that will come in handy while filling in the template and uploading it into NLAD:

Frequently Asked Questions

As NLAD has evolved, we have received questions from users and try to answer each question on our NLAD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) webpage. For access to recordings of past NLAD Connectivity Workshop webinars, NLAD instructional videos, and more visit the Lifeline Program Online Learning Library.

Entering Broadband-Only Subscribers in NLAD for California Carriers

Carriers in California servicing Lifeline customers receiving broadband-only support must use NLAD to check for duplicate subscriptions. In addition, carriers will also need to verify subscriber eligibility directly (i.e. program eligibility or income eligibility) for Lifeline broadband-only subscribers in NLAD. Carriers need to verify the Lifeline broadband-only subscribers' eligibility prior to entering their information in NLAD.

California carriers must continue to use California 's enrollment process, including its duplicates check, for Lifeline subscribers with voice-only or bundled (i.e., voice and broadband) services.

Steps for entering Lifeline broadband-only subscribers:

  1. Verify Lifeline broadband-only subscribers' eligibility (i.e. program eligibility or income eligibility).
  2. Login to NLAD and submit only subscribers receiving Lifeline broadband-only support.
  3. For Lifeline broadband-only subscribers entered in NLAD, USAC will directly review the entered subscribers and confirm that the subscribers are not a duplicate. Additionally, USAC will perform a secondary duplicate check with voice-only and bundled service subscribers using California's information. Carriers must wait until these steps are complete before seeking reimbursement for Lifeline broadband-only subscribers.
  4. Approximately one week after CA broadband subscribers are entered into NLAD, USAC will directly contact the Form 497-listed contact person by email to alert of any duplicate Lifeline broadband-only subscribers found in the California subscriber database. These Lifeline broadband-only subscribers need to be de-enrolled in NLAD and should not be claimed for reimbursement.
  5. For any issues logging into NLAD or any requested changes for receiving information regarding the duplicate verification check (e.g., different company point of contact) please contact NLAD Support.