National Lifeline Accountability Database (NLAD)

Production Duplicate Subscriber Resolution

USAC has identified subscribers that must undergo a duplicate subscriber resolution process to address duplicate enrollments that were not resolved during the NLAD migration process. These subscribers have been identified as production duplicate subscribers. They will undergo a resolution process consisting of two rounds, to be completed on a state-by-state basis.

Round #1

USAC Initiated De-Enroll

Production duplicate subscriber records will be run through third party identity verification (TPIV). In those cases where only one record of the duplicate set passes the TPIV check, those passing records will be moved into NLAD Production as active subscribers. In those cases where one record passes and one or more records fails, the records that fail will be automatically de-enrolled in NLAD by USAC.

Subscribers de-enrolled through this process are identified in the "Duplicate Resolution De-Enroll Report" for a specified study area code (SAC). USAC will notify carriers at least two days in advance to inform them when the de-enroll report will be made available. Once the report is available, carriers must de-enroll the subscribers listed on the report from their own internal company listings within five business days (47 C.F.R. Section 54.405(e)(2)).

How do I pull the de-enroll report in NLAD?

Follow these instructions to locate the "Duplicate Resolution De-Enroll Report" from NLAD:

  1. Using either Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, log in to NLAD.
  2. In the left navigation pane, under the "Report and Tools" section, select "Reports."
  3. Select "Duplicate Resolution De-Enroll Report."
  4. Select the study area code (SAC).
  5. Select the "Production - Duplicate Subscriber" type.
  6. Select your preferred report format (either "display" or "CSV").*
  7. Click "Submit."

*If the report does not load after requesting the CSV download method, please click the "Download CSV File" link at the top of the screen after submitting the request.

Round #2

Consumer Selection Letter

For all other scenarios of production duplicate records that were not resolved in the first round, and still remain on the "Detail Duplicate Subscriber Report," USAC will apply the duplicate subscriber resolution process outlined below. This process will allow subscribers to select their single Lifeline Program benefit or maintain the randomly identified default carrier, identical to the Duplicate Subscriber Resolution (Track 1) process.

Subscribers will receive a letter from USAC notifying them that they have 35 days from the letter date (see "Letter Mailing Date" column in the table below) to select a single Lifeline Program carrier. A postcard will be sent to the subscriber 10 business days after the letter, to serve as a reminder of the deadline. In addition, subscribers that have not made a selection by day 30 of the call-in period will also receive an automated phone call reminder.

How does this get resolved?

To select a single carrier, subscribers should call the toll-free number provided in their letter. On the letter, the subscriber will see that USAC has identified a default carrier. If the subscriber is content with the default carrier, they do not have to call the toll-free number. After the 35-day window, the default carrier will be automatically assigned to them.

If the subscriber notifies USAC of their preference, USAC will notify the carriers involved. Within five business days from receiving USAC notification, carriers that are not selected by the subscriber, or not selected by USAC as the default carrier, must de-enroll that subscriber within five business days (47 C.F.R. Section 54.405(e)(2)).

How are updates made in NLAD during the 35-day period?

If you wish to notify USAC that a subscriber involved in the production duplicate resolution process has already been de-enrolled from your company, please follow these procedures:

  1. Confirm that the subscriber(s) appears on the "Detail Duplicate Subscriber Report" as "Production - Duplicate Subscriber," in the "duplicate type" field.
  2. If they are no longer an active subscriber with your company, please email us at NLAD Support with the subject line "Production Duplicate Subscriber De-enroll Request" and include a list with only the study area code (SAC) and the phone number of the subscribers that need to be de-enrolled.
  3. Upon receipt of the email, USAC will send a confirmation receipt of the de-enrollment request.
What happens if the subscriber misses the deadline?

If a subscriber calls outside of the 35-day call-in period, the subscriber will be instructed to contact the carrier from which they want to receive service directly. The preferred carrier may initiate a benefit transfer in NLAD to transfer service.