National Lifeline Accountability Database (NLAD)

The National Lifeline Accountability Database (NLAD) is designed to identify and resolve duplicate claims for Lifeline Program-supported service, and prevent future duplicates. The tool provides a means for service providers to check on a real-time, nationwide basis whether a consumer is already receiving a Lifeline Program-supported service.

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System Maintenance

Maintenance Schedule: Dates when NLAD is scheduled for system maintenance, and release notes for each version of NLAD.

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Help and Updates

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Keep NLAD Up-to-Date

Service providers in most states are required to query NLAD prior to enrolling a subscriber in the Lifeline Program to confirm the subscriber’s household is not already receiving Lifeline-supported service. Prior to querying NLAD, obtain the subscriber’s consent to transmit their personal information (per the rules). Upon enrolling a new Lifeline subscriber, service providers must record the enrollment in NLAD. Reimbursement is not available for subscribers that are not recorded in NLAD.

For existing subscribers, service providers must update NLAD within ten (10) business days of receiving any change to the subscriber’s information, for example, change of address or name change.

When a service provider de-enrolls a subscriber from Lifeline, NLAD must be updated within one (1) business day.

More Information

  • NLAD Resources: Samples, templates, information about uploading data, and more.

Archived Information

  • NLAD Migration (retired December 27, 2013): The process and timeline of the initial data migration into NLAD.

Frequently Asked Questions

As NLAD evolves, we provide answers to questions from users on the NLAD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

For recordings of the 2013 NLAD Connectivity Workshops, NLAD instructional videos, and more, visit the Lifeline Program Online Learning Library.