Lifeline National Verifier

The Lifeline National Eligibility Verifier (National Verifier) is a centralized system that determines whether subscribers are eligible for Lifeline. USAC manages the National Verifier and its customer service department, the Lifeline Support Center.

The National Verifier is now live in six statesColorado, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. Additional states and territories will be added in 2018 and 2019.

Service providers in the initial launch states can access the National Verifier service provider portal at

USAC anticipates accepting National Verifier paper forms beginning in August. Paper forms that are submitted to the Lifeline Support Center prior to August will not be processed.

Until the National Verifier launches in a state, service providers, state administrators and consumers should continue to use the current eligibility verification procedures.

How it Works

The National Verifier connects to NLAD and state/federal data sources to confirm a subscriber's identity, eligibility, and prevent duplicate enrollments. If a subscriber’s eligibility can’t be approved automatically, they can upload/mail proof of eligibility for a Lifeline Support Center agent to review. Each eligibility approval is valid for 90 days.

Service Provider Portal

Apply by Mail

Consumers can log in to check their eligibility from any computer or mobile device, then contact a service provider to enroll in Lifeline.

Consumers can visit a service provider, who will use NLAD to enter the subscriber's information, receive an eligibility decision, and enroll the subscriber.

Customers can mail a paper application and copies of proof of eligibility to the Lifeline Support Center, which will return an eligibility decision by mail. Then, the customer will contact a service provider to enroll.

Annual Recertification
Subscribers will be recertified automatically through a state/federal data source, or receive
a recertification form from the National Verifier via their preferred contact method.

The Details

Learn more about the National Verifier:

  • How to Use it: Learn how to use the National Verifier online portal or submit a paper application.
  • Launch Schedule: The National Verifier will launch in all states and territories by the end of 2019.
  • Reverification: When the National Verifier launches in a state, there is a process to ensure existing subscribers meet the National Verifier’s eligibility standards called "reverification" (this is different from annual recertification).
  • Eligibility Decisions: Learn about the automated data sources the National Verifier uses to verify eligibility for the Lifeline Program.
  • Acceptable Documentation: Learn what types of proof-of-eligibility the National Verifier will accept.
  • User Accounts: Service provider users can use NLAD to access the National Verifier, and new "NV-only" account type is available.