Recertify Subscribers (FCC Form 555)

USAC-Elected Recertification

Service providers may elect USAC to conduct the rolling recertification process on their behalf. There is no fee to elect USAC. USAC’s process will comply with the Lifeline recertification rules.

How to Elect USAC

USAC will accept new elections for the 2019 calendar year recertification from July 16, 2018 to August 31, 2018.

The 2019 recertification process will begin with January 2019 anniversary dates, this process will be initiated in September 2018.

To elect USAC, complete the online election form. You can submit one election form for all your company's SACs. The election form will be available starting July 16, 2018.

For 2019 USAC-elected recertification, elections will not automatically renew. If your company has currently elected USAC, you will need to submit an election for 2019. If a service provider does not elect USAC by the deadline, it is assumed that the service provider will conduct its own recertification process.

Before electing USAC, take some time to review USAC's process and contact us if you have any questions.

Service providers in National Verifier first-wave states do not need to submit an election for 2019 USAC-elected recertification. The National Verifier will conduct annual recertification for initial wave states. In December 2017, the FCC waived the recertification requirement for service providers in the National Verifier first-wave states starting with January 2018 anniversary dates through the launch of the National Verifier.

2019 Election Form

The 2019 USAC-elected recertification form (online) is available here.

The Process

USAC will conduct rolling recertification in monthly batches and will then transition to daily batches later in the year. In accordance with Lifeline Rules and the 2018 Recertification Public Notice, USAC will begin each batch no earlier than 150 days prior to the last anniversary date in the batch and will complete the batch in time to conduct de-enrollments.

The exact schedule will vary for each batch. USAC will publish the timeline and schedule information on our website in advance of each batch. It is the service provider's responsibility to stay informed of these dates and to complete any required action as indicated.

What's New for 2019 USAC-Elected Recertification?

The USAC-elected recertification process will have a number of changes compared to 2018. More details on the 2019 USAC-elected process will be available closer to the election period.

  • Live customer support - Subscribers in USAC-elected SACs will be able to call the Lifeline Support Center to receive assistance with their recertification requirement.
  • Reporting in NLAD - Reports will be available in NLAD that indicate which of your subscribers are currently in their recertification window and whether or not they have successfully recertified. These reports will be updated daily.
  • Results provided in NLAD - The results of the recertification process will no longer be sent via email, they will be available in NLAD.
  • Automatic de-enrollment - USAC will automatically de-enroll subscribers within 5 business days after the end of the 60-day recertification window, if they do not successfully recertify within their window. Service providers that elect USAC will no longer be required to de-enroll subscribers as part of the recertification process; however, service providers are still responsible for ensuring that subscribers that should be de-enrolled are not claimed for the Lifeline benefit.

Additional Information

  • Obligation to Check Databases: Some states require service providers to first attempt confirming Lifeline eligibility via a database before contacting the subscribers directly. Currently, USAC does not have access to any databases and will not be able to check databases prior to mailing the recertification letters. It is the carrier's responsibility to determine if this situation puts the company in violation of the respective state's law before electing USAC.