Recertify Subscribers (FCC Form 555)

Report Recertification Results on FCC Form 555

All Lifeline Program service providers are required to file FCC Form 555, the "Annual Lifeline Eligible Telecommunications Carrier Certification Form."

The form reports the results of the annual rolling recertification process and includes data accuracy certifications.

2018 Filing

  • Report recertification results month-by-month based on the subscribers' anniversary date.
  • Visit the Lifeline Hurricane Relief page if your filing is impacted by the FCC's temporary relief for areas impacted by hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, and Michael.
  • CA service providers: We have communicated with the CPUC, and the requirement to file FCC Form 555 has not changed. It is the service provider's responsibility to file FCC Form 555, and not the state administrators'. It is our understanding from the CPUC that service providers have the information they need to file FCC Form 555. Please stay tuned for more information from the CPUC.


FCC Form 555 is due on January 31 each year. If January 31 falls on a Federal holiday or weekend, the form will be due on the next business day.

Service providers in areas that received 2017 and 2018 Hurricane Relief should file FCC Form 555 once the recertification process is complete.

How to File

Service providers must submit one form per SAC participating in the Lifeline Program.

Visit the Lifeline Program Forms page to view and submit the form. Single-form entry and bulk upload are both available. View answers to frequently asked questions on the FCC Form 555 FAQs page.

Carriers must also file a copy of their FCC Form 555 in the FCC's Electronic Comment Filing System, Docket 14-171, and with their state regulatory commission.

Monthly Tracker & Record Retention

USAC recommends tracking your recertification results throughout the year using one of these spreadsheets:

To meet record retention requirements, USAC recommends saving the “detail active subscriber” report from NLAD each month to support your claims on FCC Form 555.