LI Program News - October 10, 2017

October 10, 2017


Initial Launch States for the National Verifier

On August 31, 2017, USAC announced the initial group of states that will roll into the National Verifier, and the automated eligibility verification data sources that the National Verifier will use for each state. The initial launch states are:

  1. Colorado (automated data sources: SNAP, Medicaid, Federal Public Housing)
  2. Mississippi (automated data sources: SNAP, Federal Public Housing)
  3. Montana (automated data sources: Federal Public Housing)
  4. New Mexico (automated data sources: SNAP, Medicaid, Federal Public Housing)
  5. Utah (automated data sources: SNAP, Medicaid, Federal Public Housing)
  6. Wyoming (automated data sources: Federal Public Housing)



NV Initial Launch States

Website Update

NLAD Instructional Videos

ZIP Code Requests

Lifeline Claims System

Reverification Elections

FCC Form 497 Reminder

Lifeline Program Webinar

If one of the automated data sources can't verify the subscriber's eligibility, the National Verifier will prompt the subscriber to submit documentation via the web portal (or via mail) to the Lifeline Support Center, which will conduct a manual review of their eligibility documentation. Visit our website to learn more about the National Verifier.

Service providers that do business in the initial launch states received an email from USAC last month with an invitation to a check-in call, and sign-up links for training/on boarding sessions. If you are a service provider in the initial launch states and have not heard from USAC, please contact us immediately at to receive future communications.

Website Update: Eligibility Verification Process by State

USAC updated the Verification Process by State web page in the Verify Subscriber Eligibility section of the website to include additional information.

For each state with a state-specific process, the page included (1) the state's process for eligibility verification, (2) date sources available to service providers, and (3) whether the state's system/process complies with the streamlined federal eligibility criteria effective December 2, 2016.


New NLAD Instructional Videos


Visit the Online Learning Library for a refreshed set of NLAD instructional videos. Video topics include: how to update and enroll subscribers, create a sub-account, transfer a subscriber benefit, submit an exception, and more. The videos range from 0:33 minutes to 2:55 minutes in duration.

Submit Service Area ZIP Codes for the "Companies Near Me" Tool

USAC is updating the consumer-facing Companies Near Me tool so prospective Lifeline subscribers can search for service providers by ZIP code. USAC will use the ZIP codes where Lifeline consumers currently receive Lifeline (according to NLAD) to populate the tool. However, if your company offers service in a ZIP code that does not have any current Lifeline subscribers, please complete this template and email it to, subject: "Companies Near Me Tool - ZIP Codes" so we can include your full service area in the tool.

New Reimbursement Claims Process Available in Test Environment

The process to submit Lifeline reimbursement claims is changing, effective with the January 2018 data month (February 1, 2018 snapshot). This change affects all Lifeline service providers in all states and territories, and is not coupled with the rollout of the National Verifier.

USAC released the first phase of the new reimbursement claims process, the Lifeline Claims System (LCS), to the NLAD pre-production (test) environment on September 25. The pre-production release includes initial design, snapshot data download, and the subscriber data upload. To access the reimbursement claims system, please refer to the LCS email sent to the NLAD bulletin list and Form 497 contacts on September 25. For any questions or feedback about the first phase of this release to the test environment, please email

The new reimbursement claims process starts with the January 2018 data month (February 1, 2018 snapshot). At that time, the FCC Form 497 will retire. In the new process, the NLAD subscriber snapshot will determine support payments to service providers. To claim reimbursement, service providers will download a list of eligible subscribers, add dollar amounts for claimed subscribers, add reason codes for unclaimed subscribers, and upload the report to certify and submit.

Visit the Receive Payment page of our website for more information about this process.

To prepare for the process change, USAC recommends that you confirm your company's FCC Form 497 filer and certifying company officer have E-File accounts and review your company's process to keep subscriber counts in NLAD up-to-date.

NV Reverification Elections Due Nov. 1

Service providers in the National Verifier's initial launch states - Colorado, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming - are required to provide eligibility documentation for subscribers who do not pass the automated eligibility check when their records are uploaded into the National Verifier. Those service providers have the option to elect USAC to collect the eligibility documentation on their behalf.

Elections are due on November 1, 2017. Contacts in the initial launch states will receive a separate email with information on how to elect USAC. For questions about the election process, please email

USAC-elected reverification requires close coordination between USAC and the service provider throughout the process. To prepare for the USAC-elected process, make sure the contact information for each consumer record is up-to-date in NLAD.

Ensure FCC Form 497 Claims Don't Exceed the NLAD Subscriber Count!

Effective with the August 2017 data month (September 1 snapshot), service providers' subscriber counts on FCC Form 497 must be less than or equal to their subscriber count in NLAD. If the number of the subscribers claimed on the form is greater than the number of subscribers in NLAD, the form will not be processed, which may cause a delayed payment.

This change applies to revisions as well. In revisions, although service providers can add and remove subscribers from the claim; the total can never exceed the NLAD subscriber count.

USAC recommends comparing your FCC Form 497 to the NLAD subscriber snapshot before submission. To view your subscriber count, log into NLAD and from the "Reports" section, select "Summary and Detail Subscriber Snapshot Report".

................Video: Running Reports in NLAD (1:07 minutes)

Lifeline's rules require service providers to use NLAD during enrollment and to keep NLAD up-to-date. This will ensure your entire Lifeline subscriber base is counted in the snapshot and available for reimbursement.

Webinar on October 18: Register for the Next Lifeline Program Update

Join us on Wednesday, October 18 for our monthly Lifeline Program webinar. This month, we will discuss reverification and the transition to the National Verifier.

You can always access the webinar slides and recordings from previous webinars on our Trainings and Outreach page.