LI Program News - 4th Quarter 2015

4th Quarter 2015

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Recertification Due by December 31, 2015 

Reminder! All carriers must complete their recertification process by December 31, 2015, whether using USAC to recertify their consumers or recertifying consumers on their own. All active subscribers enrolled in the Lifeline Program prior to 2015, and for which an ETC sought reimbursement on its February 2015 FCC Form 497 are subject to recertification in 2015.  
Completing recertification also includes de-enrolling all subscribers by December 31 who have not recertified their eligibility. Remember that any necessary updates to NLAD must also be made within one business day after de-enrolling a subscriber. 

Watch "De-Enrolling a Subscriber."


FCC Form 555 Due January 31, 2016 

All carriers must file the results of their annual certification process by filing FCC Form 555 with USAC, the FCC, and relevant state commissions each year by January 31. Carriers must submit their FCC Form 555 online to USAC using E-File.
If you have any questions regarding the filing process, please contact the Lifeline Program team.

Program Happenings

Submit Your Questions about the Second Lifeline Reform Order

On June 22, 2015, the FCC released an Order on Reconsideration and Second Report and Order for the Lifeline Program (FCC 15-71). We are still accepting questions about this order and any implementation questions you may have! Submit a question.

Did You Know

Quarterly Appendices 

Each quarter, USAC posts a projection of the Lifeline Program's support requirements along with other quarterly administrative filings. The most recent quarterly appendices can be found on the FCC Filings page.   

Process Overview

View the entire Lifeline Program process in one place on our Process Overview page! The Join the Program tab includes the steps carriers must take to participate in the Lifeline Program, while the Program Requirements tab includes information on all the annual requirements carriers must meet to remain compliant with the program.


Questions and Feedback

The Lifeline Program team is here to help you! Visit the Contact Us page and let us know how we can help you.

Please also visit our website to view previously submitted questions and answers about the following topics:
  • Snapshot Date - The snapshot date requirement states that all carriers must use the first day of the month to determine the number of Lifeline Program subscribers served in the prior data month and claim that number of subscribers on the FCC Form 497. Previously, carriers were permitted to claim subscribers based on any snapshot date during the month.
  • Resale of Lifeline - The resale of Lifeline change states that 1) carriers can only receive reimbursement in instances where they provide Lifeline Program service directly to subscribers and 2) ILECs are no longer obligated to resell Lifeline Program services.
  • Eligibility Document Retention - The document retention requirement states that carriers and non-ETC resellers are now required to retain documentation demonstrating subscriber eligibility, whereas previously they were not permitted to keep such documentation. This documentation must be retained for as long as the subscriber receives Lifeline Program service from the carrier, but no less than three calendar years. Carriers may not begin retaining this documentation in advance of the implementation due date.
  • Oklahoma Tribal - The Oklahoma Tribal boundaries interpretation change affects carriers serving the state of Oklahoma. The Order interprets the "former reservations in Oklahoma" as the boundaries reflected in the Oklahoma Historical Map provided (Appendix E). These boundaries determine areas in which carriers can receive enhanced Tribal support from the Lifeline Program.

Updated Web Pages

We've updated our website to make it easier to access the information you need! Explore the refreshed Telecom Carriers section and the Lifeline Support pages for subscribers. 
We always want to keep improving our site so please let us know what you think of what we've done so far, and what else would improve your experience, by sharing your thoughts using our Website Feedback form


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