LI Program News - 2nd Quarter 2015

2nd Quarter 2015

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Program Happenings

Updated 2015 Federal Poverty Guidelines 

USAC has adjusted its 2015 Federal Poverty Guideline calculations to reflect nearest whole-dollar rounding. Households at or below 135 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines may be eligible for Lifeline Program-supported service. 

Inclusion of Puerto Rico into NLAD

USAC has requested sample subscriber lists from Lifeline Program carriers in Puerto Rico. USAC has requested this data to begin developing the necessary IT changes needed in order to incorporate Puerto Rico's data into NLAD during the 2nd quarter of 2015. We will continue to work closely with the FCC and the Puerto Rico Telecommunications Regulatory Board and will provide updates as more information becomes available.   


Carriers Must File FCC Form 555

Eligible telecommunications carriers (ETCs) were required to submit the results of their annual recertification efforts to USAC and the FCC by January 31, 2015, in accordance with the FCC's Lifeline Reform Order. ETCs that have not completed and submitted an FCC Form 555 to USAC are not in compliance with 47 CFR Section 54.416. ETCs that have not submitted an FCC Form 555 must submit to USAC and the FCC immediately; some states also require submission to the public utility commission.
The FCC Form 555 is available on the Lifeline Program's Forms page. ETCs should email the completed and certified form to USAC and also submit the form to the FCC through the Electronic Comment Filing System or by U.S. mail

Prepare for FCC Form 481 Filing

The July 1 deadline is fast approaching to file your FCC Form 481. Carriers receiving High Cost Program support, Lifeline Program support, or both, must submit FCC Form 481 (Carrier Annual Reporting Data Collection Form) on an annual basis. 
Before you can file this form, the contact information on your FCC Form 498 (Service Provider Identification Number and General Contact Information Form) and your FCC Form 481 entitlements set in E-File must be up to date. 
Please make necessary updates to your contact information on FCC Form 498 as soon as possible; processing this form can take up to 10 days. 
For General Contacts and Company Officers:
If you are your company's FCC Form 498 Company Officer or General Contact, log in to E-File and check the following (for each of your SPINs, if you have multiple SPINs):

Did You Know

Are you subscribed to the NLAD Bulletin?

The NLAD Bulletin provides timely updates on National Lifeline Accountability Database (NLAD) happenings. Whether it's helpful tips, system maintenance and deployment updates, guidance changes, or updated processes and procedures, subscribe to the NLAD Bulletin for emails as information is available. Subscribe now!

Webinars Moving to Monthly Schedule

Beginning in May, NLAD industry webinars will move to monthly in place of the current bi-weekly schedule. The first monthly webinar will be held on May 13 at 10 AM EDT. See NLAD Industry Webinars for the most current dates.


Questions and Feedback

Online FCC Form 555 Feedback

We would love your feedback on this year's updated FCC Form 555, as well as on USAC's online FCC Form 555 filing system, E-File. Please take some time to give us your feedback in this brief survey.

Contact Us

The Lifeline Program team is here to help you! Visit the Contact Us page and let us know how we can help you.

  • Are all of your Study Area Codes (SACs) listed on your FCC Form 498?
  • Is the contact information for your General Contact up to date? Your Company Officer? (Remember, only they can establish 481 authorized users.)
  • Click "FCC Form 481." Are your user entitlements up to date? Have you established your authorized users - 481 User, 481 Agent, 481 Officer? Is their contact information up to date?
Make any updates needed. They will be saved automatically in E-File. 
For 481 Users, 481 Agents, and 481 Officers:
  • Can you log in to E-File?
  • Once you're logged in, click "FCC Form 481." Can you view your 481 entitlement? Is it correct? 
If you cannot access your company's FCC Form 481 in E-File, you must contact your company's FCC Form 498 Company Officer or General Contact to grant you access. For additional help, contact Customer Support


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2Q 2015

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