High Cost


ETCs are encouraged to file online. View upcoming filing deadlines for the High Cost Program to ensure timely filing.

Current Forms

FCC Form 481

File Online

FCC Form 481

Carrier Annual Reporting Data Collection Form

FCC Form 481 Instructions

FCC Form 481 Online Filing User Guide, Filing Videos

FCC Form 481 Upload Templates

FCC Form 481 FAQs

FCC Form 481 Filing Guide

FCC Form 507

FCC Form 507

Connect America Fund – Broadband Loop Support Mechanism Line Count Report

FCC Form 507 Instructions

FCC Form 508

FCC Form 508

Connect America Fund – Broadband Loop Support Mechanism Common Line Requirement Form

FCC Form 508 Instructions

FCC Form 509

FCC Form 509

Connect America Fund – Broadband Loop Support Mechanism Common Line Actual Cost Data Collection Form

FCC Form 509 Instructions

FCC Form 525 No longer required with some exceptions*

FCC Form 525

FCC Form 525

Competitive Carrier Line Count Report

* Effective 2012, filing FCC Form 525 is no longer required for carriers with the exception of delayed phase down Alaska [54.307(e)(3)(i)] and Standing Rock Telecom.

FCC Form 525 Instructions

FCC Form 690

File Online

FCC Form 690 Template

Mobility Fund Phase 1 Annual Report Form

FCC Form 690 Instructions (April 2015)

FCC Form 690 Online Filing User Guide and Filing Videos

FCC Form 690 Upload Templates

Rate Floor

Rate Floor Form

Rate Floor Data Collection Report and Certification

CAF ICC TRP Summary Template

RoR Input Template

Connect American Fund Intercarrier Compensation Tariff Review Plan Summary Template.

54.314 Annual Use Certification

To submit your Section 54.314 certifications, USAC recommends that you file online using USAC's E-File system.

You may also submit your certification to USAC via email or U.S. mail. When using these submission methods, use the sample letters provided below as a template. When submitting via U.S. mail, send the completed certification to the mailing address provided in the sample letters.

Notification Sample Letters