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Certify: 54.313 Certification (FCC Form 481)

Price Cap Carriers Only

These requirements apply only to price cap carriers.

New Requirements: FCC Form 481

On September 2, 2015, OMB approved additional data requirements for the FCC Form 481. The requested data impacts only price cap carriers receiving CAF Phase I Incremental support.

Impacted carriers must submit an updated filing. Carriers must have their filing updated, certified, and submitted to USAC by November 9, 2015. Jump to the Updating My FCC Form 481 information.

Please use USAC's E-File system to make the updates. Jump to the Resources section to access other helpful links.

What are the changes?

Further detail is available in the FCC Form 481 Instructions which have been revised to reflect these changes.

Line 2022: For Round 2 Recipients

In years one, two, and three after filing a notice of acceptance of funding, carriers must certify that, to the best of the recipient's knowledge, the locations in question are not receiving support under the Broadband Initiatives Program or the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program for projects that will provide broadband with speeds of at least 4 Mbps/1 Mbps.

This change:

  • Impacts Incremental CAF Phase I Round 2 recipients only. 
  • Please note this is year one of the three years referenced [54.313(b)(2)(i)].
Lines 2023 and 2024: For Round 2 Recipients

Line 2023 confirms the attachment on Line 2024. Carriers must use the Excel file provided, available in either Excel 2007 or Excel 2010, for Line 2024 data entry. Carriers must provide an attachment containing a statement of the total amount of capital funding expended in the previous year in meeting Connect America Phase I deployment obligations, accompanied by a list of census blocks indicating where funding was spent. This attachment is required for years one, two, and three.

This change:

  • Impacts Incremental CAF Phase I Round 2 recipients only. 
  • Please note this is year one of the three years referenced [54.313(b)(2)(ii)].
Line 2025: For Round 1 Recipients

In year two and three milestone reports, carriers must file an attachment on Line 2025. Carriers must use the Excel file provided, available in either Excel 2007 or Excel 2010, for Line 2025 data entry. The attachment must, for each location carriers intend to count toward their deployment requirements, contain geocoded latitude and longitude location information along with census block and wire center information.

This change:

  • Impacts Incremental CAF Phase I Round 1 recipients only. 
  • For Round 1 recipients, this is year two of years two and three referenced. 
  • The schedule below summarizes the impact of this requirement for Round 1 and Round 2 recipients (FCC 13-73).


Current Filing Period

Future FCC Form 481 Filings


November 9, 2015

July 1, 2016

July 1, 2017

Round One

Year Two Milestone

Year Three Milestone


Round Two


Year Two Milestone

Year Three Milestone

Updating My FCC Form 481

In order to update your filing, you'll need to access your previously submitted FCC Form 481 through USAC's E-File system and submit a revision. Upon accessing the FCC Form 481, locate the relevant filing using the appropriate search criteria. Your most recently certified Program Year 2016 submission should be accessible when you click the (+) button to the left of "2016 submissions" in the "Submission Period" column. The status of your most recent certified filing will say "Certified Not Compliant."

To update your filing, click the "Revise" button under the Edit/Submit column.  All prior data entered into your filing will be included – you should only edit the new lines in the 2005 section depending on your status as an Incremental support Round 1 or Round 2 recipient.  Upon completion of the requested data, an officer of the carrier will once again need to certify the filing.  When the form is saved, you'll note a new filing number will be created since the system retains a history of all prior certified copies.

Next Steps

Once your filing is complete and re-certified in E-File, be sure to file your revision with the FCC and other relevant state commissions.


E-File – All submissions must be made through the E-File system.
Revised FCC Form 481 Instructions – The only changes are to Section 2000.
Line 2024 and Line 2025 Templates – The use of these templates is required.


USAC is tasked with conducting compliance reviews to ensure carriers are meeting the requirements of being an incremental support recipient. Specifically, USAC will ensure that the geocoded locations reported to USAC are in fact eligible locations. USAC may request supporting documentation to demonstrate support is actually provided at the location the carrier wishes to receive credit. This could be in the form of customer subscription records or other evidence of deployment. USAC will also review filings to ensure that broadband is being offered at the appropriate speeds and latency. Please be prepared to cooperate with any USAC review and ensure relevant documentation is maintained for a minimum of ten years consistent with High Cost Program rules.

Here are some Orders that reference these compliance reviews:

Contact Us

If you have issues accessing E-File, please contact USAC Customer Support via email or phone at (888)-641-8722.

If you have questions after accessing the FCC Form 481 online filing system in E-File, or if you experience issues completing your filing, email us and a member of the High Cost Program team will assist you.