High Cost

Step 2 Submit ETC Order to USAC

To receive High Cost Program support, a carrier must submit a copy of its ETC designation order from its state utility regulator or from the FCC to USAC via fax, email, or regular mail:

Universal Service Administrative Co.
Attn: Customer Operations
700 12th Street, NW
Suite 900
Washington, DC 20005
Fax: (866) 873-4666
Email: HC Orders

New Incumbent ETC

A new incumbent ETC should submit its ETC order with attachments and supporting documentation to identify the new ETC service area including wire center information.

New Competitive ETC

A new competitive ETC should submit the ETC order with attachments and supporting documentation necessary to identify the new ETC service area within the incumbent service area(s) at the wire center-level.

All ETCs previously designated to provision wireline service that subsequently are designated to provision wireless service must request a separate Study Area Code (SAC).

To obtain a SAC, you must submit a SAC request. SAC requests should include a completed SAC Request Form, designation order, and the ETC's compliance plan (if applicable). Study Area Codes are used by the High Cost Program to identify a carrier’s service area.

ETCs designated by the state must also provide USAC with a summary of their Lifeline Program plan(s). The summary should include:

  • The details of the number of minutes provided as part of the plan, along with any additional charges for toll calls and rates; and
  • A summary of the terms and conditions of the plan and whether the plan is made available to the public.

For more information about SAC requests, or to request a form, please contact us via email.

Relinquishment of ETC Designation

If a carrier has relinquished its ETC designation, send a copy of the relinquishment order to HC Orders within one week. If USAC does not receive a copy of the relinquishment order within one week, USAC will invoice the carrier for any support paid following the relinquishment.