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FCC Form 690 Video Series

These videos are designed to help you navigate the FCC Form 690 filing process. They include general information on how to get started, as well as a step-by-step walkthrough of each section of the form.

Getting Started


An introduction to the FCC Form 690, including how to complete the filing.

1:06 minutes

E-File Entitlements

Learn how to determine user assignments, establish new users, and edit existing users in the E-File system.

4:23 minutes

Accessing the FCC Form 690 Online System

Learn how to create a new annual reporting filing in E-File.

4:35 minutes

Completing the Form

Data Collection Form

The process of completing the FCC Form 690 begins on the Data Collection Form.

1:56 minutes

Carrier Contact Form

This section includes requests for carrier corporate information, agent identification, and more.

1:13 minutes

Coverage and Performance Report

Learn how to populate coverage and performance data in the system using a template.

6:21 minutes

Tribal Lands Reporting

Learn about the various requirements for Tribal Lands reporting.

2:10 minutes

Project Update Information

This section includes requests for project description, budget, and plan, among other items.

2:11 minutes

Validate Filing

Learn about the Validate Filing feature of the FCC Form 690.

1:15 minutes

Urban Rate Comparability Certification

This video discusses the different permission levels needed to certify this section.

1:58 minutes

Accuracy Certification

Learn how to certify the FCC Form 690 in the E-File system.

2:07 minutes

Certify Filing

This video discusses the final step in certifying the FCC Form 690 online.

1:20 minutes

Certification Status

This video discusses the different certification statuses relating to the FCC Form 690 filing.

2:10 minutes

Bulk Certification

Learn about the bulk certification process.

1:39 minutes

Payments 2 and 3 Copy Function

Learn how to save time on data entry using the "copy" function in the system.

0:49 minutes