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FCC Form 481 Video Series

These videos are designed to help you navigate the FCC Form 481 filing process. They include general information on how to get started, as well as a step-by-step walkthrough of each section of the form.

Getting Started


An introduction to the FCC Form 481, including how to complete the filing.

1:06 minutes

E-File Entitlements

Learn how to determine user assignments, establish new users, and edit existing users in the E-File system.

4:23 minutes

Overview of the FCC Form 481 Online System

Take a tour of the E-File system and get an overview of the sections involved in filing the FCC Form 481.

8:07 minutes

Completing the Form

Carrier Contact Information

The process of completing the FCC Form 481 begins on the Carrier Contact Information page.

0:44 minutes

(200) Service Outage Reporting (Voice)

Learn how to fill out this section of the form if you have voice outages to report.

3:15 minutes

(400) Number of Complaints per 1,000 Customers

Learn how to select the type of services offered and enter complaints.

2:30 minutes

(500) Compliance With Service Quality Standards and Consumer Protection Rules

Learn how to certify your carrier's compliance with applicable rules.

1:06 minutes

(600) Functionality in Emergency Situations

Learn how to certify your carrier's compliance regarding its ability to function in emergency situations.

1:01 minutes

(800) Operating Companies

Learn about the requirements involved in this section of the FCC Form 481.

2:39 minutes

(900) Tribal Lands Reporting

Watch this video if your SAC covers tribal lands.

1:44 minutes

(1000) Voice and Broadband Service Rate Comparability

Learn about how to report your voice and broadband service rates.

2:45 minutes

(1100) No Terrestrial Backhaul

Learn the steps involved in the No Terrestrial Backhaul section of the FCC Form 481.

0:55 minutes

(1200) Lifeline Program Terms and Conditions

This section will only be available if a carrier selected "yes" to 54.422 (Lifeline) when the FCC Form 481 was created.

1:50 minutes

(2005) Price Cap Data

This section will only be available to price cap carriers.

1:45 minutes

(3005) Rate of Return Data

This section will only be available to rate of return carriers.

5:21 minutes

Rural Broadband Experiments

This section will only be available to carriers receiving rural broadband experiment support.

2:53 minutes

(5005) Alaska Plan

This section will only be available to Rate-of-Return or Wireless CETC carriers receiving Alaska Plan support.

2:27 minutes

Validate Filing

Learn how to validate your filing.

1:10 minutes

Accuracy Certification

Learn how to certify the FCC Form 481.

3:01 minutes

Certify Filing

Learn how to certify your filing.

1:08 minutes

Certification Status

This video discusses the various certification statuses.

1:02 minutes

Bulk Certification

Learn about the bulk certification process.

1:52 minutes