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Tribal Training Presentations Archive

This page is an archive of presentations delivered at past Tribal Training events.

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16:42 minutes | October 2015
Tribal Training: 2015 Panel Discussion

This is a video recording of the panel discussion at the 2015 E-rate Program Training for Tribal Lands in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Below are the questions that were asked and their corresponding time stamps in the video:

Question 1 – What types of services did you request funding for? (00:27 minutes)

Question 2 – What are the upload/download speeds that your service providers are able to provide? (06:30 minutes)

Question 3 – Are there any assets that could be used to bridge a gap in service? (10:00 minutes)

Question 4 – What advice can you provide about the application process? (14:15 minutes)