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2018 FCC Form 499-A*
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Monday, April 2






* for reporting calendar year
2017 revenue

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Understanding my Invoice

This section will provide you with a step-by-step overview of your USAC invoice. USAC monthly invoices are broken out in the following way:

  • The remittance statement is the top portion of the invoice and it contains basic information about the invoice.
  • The statement of account shows the previous balance due and summarizes transactions that have occurred on a company's account since the last invoice was processed.
  • Your company's support mechanism charges are usually outlined on page two of your USAC invoice.
  • If your company has incurred any late filing or payment fees, you will find them outlined in the late filing sanction section of the invoice, commonly found on page three of the invoice.
  • The credits and payments section of the USAC invoice shows a summary of the credits and payments that were applied to the current month's invoice. You will also find information about DCIA transfers or any delinquent debt that has been transferred to the Treasury for collection. For more information about DCIA transfers, visit the Late Payments, DCIA, and Red Light web page.
  • The interest and penalties section outlines how USAC has applied a payment and provides a history of your account balance.

If you would like to request a copy of your invoice, visit the Request an Invoice Copy page for instructions. For all disputes regarding invoicing, visit the Billing Disputes page.

You can also view your invoice summaries online and opt-in to receive email notifications when they become available. Read the Online Invoices Tip Sheet for more information.

Make Multiple Payments

If you are making a payment for multiple Filer IDs, either check the box on the front of the remittance slip and complete the worksheet provided on the back of the first page of the invoice or use our Payment Identification Form and mail the completed form in the same envelope with your remittance statement and payment. When paying electronically, you may email the information to USAC.

Make Timely Payments

Payments towards universal service fund invoices must be made in a timely manner to avoid delinquency actions such as late payment fees. If your company has received a late filing fee due to a missed filing deadline, in order to end the accrual of these fees, the company must submit the form that is due following the form revision process. To dispute the late filing fees that have accrued, follow the instructions on the Billing Disputes web page. To request the payoff amount, including daily interest and penalties for the outstanding balance on an account, send a request via email to request the payoff amount.

Change Contact Information

To update your billing contact information, you can submit either an FCC Form 499-A or FCC Form 499-Q or email the billing department.