Payers' Process Overview

Once a filer has submitted an FCC Form 499-A/Q, USAC utilizes the reported revenues to assess the company's universal service fund obligations. USAC will issue an invoice to all non-de minimis filers as well as to any filer who owes late filing fees or other administrative charges.

Payments towards universal service fund invoices must be made in a timely manner to avoid delinquency actions such as late payment fees.

Monthly Invoices

Non-de minimis companies file the FCC Form 499-Q on a quarterly basis to report projected future quarter revenues. USAC uses the data reported on this form to calculate the monthly universal service contribution owed by the company based on those projected revenues. USAC will generate a monthly invoice for that company.

If payment is not received by the payment due date, USAC assesses interest and penalties on the next monthly invoice.

True Up Corrections

All companies file the FCC Form 499-A annually on April 1 to report the company's prior year's actual revenue. USAC uses the data reported on this form to compare total quarterly projections reported on the FCC Form 499-Q to the actual reported annual revenue. USAC will apply true up corrections on July-September invoices.

If the filer revises revenue data on the FCC Form 499-A due to miscalculations or errors, USAC will review the revised revenue data and apply true up credits in the next month and true up adjustments on the next quarter's invoices.