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2018 FCC Form 499-A*
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* for reporting calendar year
2017 revenue

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Making Payments

USAC collects and disburses funds for universal service. Companies that make regular payments to universal service are called contributors. Companies that receive universal service disbursements are called either service providers or applicants.

Below is a list of the types of payments owed to USAC by contributors, service providers, and applicants. Click on the links below for more information about each type of payment and specific instructions to ensure USAC can apply payments correctly to the entities' accounts.

All requests for USAC's W-9 must be submitted via email to USAC Customer Service.

Types of Payments Companies Make to USAC

  • Contributor Payments - Funds that contributing companies send to USAC upon receiving their monthly invoices. Contribution amounts are based on the data that companies submit in their FCC Forms 499-A/Q.
  • Service Provider and Applicant Payments - Funds disbursed to applicants or service providers that must be returned to USAC (e.g., Commitment Adjustments (COMADs), demand letters, and negative disbursement invoices).
  • Payment Plan Payments - Companies that have a payment plan approved by USAC to pay their obligations on an installment basis.
  • Bankruptcy Payments - Companies in bankruptcy that have universal service payment obligations should mail the payments directly to the lockbox.

Non-USAC Payments

Examples of non-USAC payments that should not be sent to USAC include, but are not limited to, DCIA payments, other FCC payments, U.S. Treasury payments, and individual state (not federal) universal service payments.


USAC recognizes that some telecommunications providers will disagree with its actions or decisions regarding contributions. As is the case with any administrative action or decision made by USAC, parties affected by USAC actions or decisions regarding billing, collection, or disbursement matters may appeal those decisions. The procedures for filing an appeal with USAC or the FCC can be found on the Appeals page.