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498/499 Spotlight - December 2015

Special Edition, December 2015

Formerly Known As SPIN   

A revised version of the FCC Form 498 has been deployed in E-File. With this revision, the term "Service Provider Identification Number, or "SPIN for short, has changed to "498 ID." The FCC Form 498, traditionally a form only used by service providers, now is being used by Schools and Libraries Program applicants to provide contact and banking information to USAC for use during BEAR invoicing (FCC Form 472). This change allows Schools and Libraries Program applicants to receive reimbursement directly from USAC rather than through their service provider (beginning July 1, 2016). Because of this change, the acronym has been updated to reflect that the form is no longer exclusive to a service provider audience.
The only section of the form that has changed for service providers is Block 12, the Schools and Libraries Program section. In this block, there is no longer an option for service providers to select an alternative bank account for BEAR payments, as applicants will receive them directly. Other changes that have been made to the form for the purposes of Schools and Libraries Program applicants include:

Online Filing Only

As of December 1, 2015, all FCC Forms 498 must be filed online in E-File. Paper FCC Forms 498 submitted to USAC will not be accepted. The E-File system is available 24/7 whether you are filing for the first time, revising an existing form, etc. If you encounter issues filing your FCC Form 498 in E-File, contact our Customer Operations team during our normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM ET). 


  • An additional "Provider Type" has been added to the form called "School/Library or Billed Entity." This is an option specifically for Schools and Libraries Program applicants filing the FCC Form 498 for the BEAR invoicing process and should not be selected by service providers. 
  • Though service providers will not have access to this section of the form, a new page has been added for Schools and Libraries Program applicants who have chosen the BEAR invoicing process with their service provider. On this page the applicant will provide their BEN and banking information to receive payments directly from USAC.

For more information on this change and what it means for service providers and Schools and Libraries Program applicants, read the Changes to SPIN web page and watch these informational videos

Multiple COs and GCs Now Allowed   

As was updated on the FCC Form 499 earlier this year, companies may now have multiple Company Officers and General Contacts associated with one FCC Form 498. One 498 ID (formerly known as a SPIN) may have up to five associated Company Officers and up to five associated General Contacts. To make a revision to your FCC Form 498 and add more Company Officers or General Contacts, visit the Revise a 498 ID web page. With questions, contact our Customer Operations team

Other Updates to the FCC Form 498

  • The fax number has been removed from the official FCC Form 498, as only electronic submissions, via E-File, of the form will be accepted.
  • For all programs, a remittance address is no longer a required field for program remittance contact information. You will notice that this field has been removed from the form.
  • For all programs, it is now okay to provide a PO Box as an address for program contact information. A physical address is still required for Blocks 1 and 2 of the form. 
  • For the Schools and Libraries Program, alternate banking information is no longer a required field and has been removed from the form.
  • For the High Cost and Lifeline programs, voluntary netting of payments is now available. Previously, this option was only available for Rural Health Care and Schools and Libraries program payments. 
  • Service providers with a holding company are now required to enter the name of the holding company as well as that company's Tax ID.


498/499 Special


December 2015