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2018 FCC Form 499-A*
Due by 11:59 PM EDT
Monday, April 2






* for reporting calendar year
2017 revenue

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The 498/499 Spotlight newsletter is a quarterly publication designed to provide important, up-to-date information about the FCC Form 498 and FCC Form 499 including news, deadlines, and filing best practices for service providers.


January 2018

  • Annual 499-A Training Announcement
  • Bookmark Page Suggestions
  • Upcoming Filing Deadlines


January 2017

  • Categorizing Revenue for Vertical Features
  • Annual 499-A Training Announcement

April 2017

  • Reporting International Private Line Revenue
  • Refund Process for Double USF Payments
  • De Minimis Threshold Levels for 2016

July 2017

  • Jurisdictional Reporting of Private Line Revenue
  • New Feature: Online Invoice Summaries
  • Annual True Up Process

October 2017

  • Reporting Non-telecommunications and Information Services revenues
  • 2018 Contributor Payment Schedule
  • Switching from Safe Harbor to Actuals


January 2016

  • Universal Service Fee: Accurately Charge & Report
  • Annual 499-A Training Announcement
  • How to Change Your E-File Password

April 2016

  • Reporting Reseller Revenues
  • New Feature: Add New 498 Officer on E-File

August 2016

  • Consolidated Form 499-A Requirements
  • Annual True Up Process
  • Which Companies Need a 499 Filer ID
  • Banking Validation on all 498 IDs

November 2016

  • New Feature: Account Status on Invoices
  • How to Report Regional Percentages on Form 499-A
  • Differences Between Forms 499-A and 499-Q