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Who We're Looking For: Are you a customer-driven, technology-savvy business professional who wants more from their career?

We're looking for people who want to work for the greater good and get personal satisfaction from supporting a worthy cause. Candidates should be highly adaptive and understand how to work with multiple contact points to accomplish goals. Our employees enjoy a collaborative, process-driven, and results-delivered environment.

Who We Are: Our programs are focused specifically on helping to give citizens access to affordable telecommunications services nationwide. We don't have revenues or fundraising goals; instead we constantly work towards creating the most efficient and effective ways to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and distribute over $8 billion in funding.

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Information Technology

Who We're Looking For: Are you an IT professional who likes being a problem-solver?

We're looking for customer and business-driven IT professionals who are detail-oriented, understand how to work collaboratively, and are responsible for their own workloads. Candidates should be highly adaptive, able to see the larger business picture, and understand that business requirements drive technology – not the other way around.

Who We Are: We are the largest and fastest growing division at USAC, with over 30 new positions created in 2012. We support the largest internal and external customer base and handle enterprise-level issues that have a high impact on the organization. We are diverse, representing multiple countries and cultures within our division.

The IT Division is highly visible and represents one-third of USAC. IT directly supports USAC across divisions through cross-functional groups that include the IT security helpdesk, web and data services, program application development, corporate software development, financial operations systems, and architectural standards.

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Internal Audit

Who We're Looking For: Are you a flexible team player open to learning new things and are looking for more than just a J-O-B?

We're looking for people with audit, telecom, financial, or analytical experience and a positive attitude. If you are detailed-oriented, responsible, driven, and possess strong decision-making skills, then you are a perfect fit.

Who We Are: We complete approximately 100 audits and seek recovery of millions of dollars annually. Our auditors enjoy high visibility because of the unique position of being able to present their work to USAC senior management and in some cases to the USAC Board of Directors.

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Who We're Looking For: Are you a creative-thinker with strong analytical skills?

We're looking for self-starters who take initiative and can work independently but also like working as part of a team. We encourage our employees to develop and share their ideas and work collaboratively.

Who We Are: We support universal service through accounting, internal controls, budgeting, collections, disbursements, invoicing, and purchasing.

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Who We're Looking For: Are you optimistic, client-focused, and can work with all levels of employees and personality types?

Who We Are: We support USAC in the name of the common goal of universal service. Our teams include: Human Resources, Administrative staff, General Counsel, Facilities, and Stakeholder Engagement. We have high visibility in the company because we work across all divisions and programs.

We are always looking for ways to evolve processes and procedures and benefit from new technology and a growing workforce. We are team-focused, collaborative, detailed-oriented, and driven. We work in unison for the common goal of delivering employee value and cross-functional success.

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