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USAC RFP USAC-20-060 – Lifeline Program Evaluation

The Universal Service Administrative Company (“USAC”) is seeking a contractor (“Contractor”) to conduct an independent program evaluation that would guarantee USAC’s Lifeline program meets all mission objectives. The Contractor will be responsible for providing an evaluation that will make certain the availability and affordability of voice and broadband services for low-income Americans exists through the Lifeline program while minimizing the contribution burden on consumers and businesses. USAC is requesting the program evaluation to ensure that Lifeline systems and USAC processes used to administer the Lifeline Program 1) Identifies and reduces waste, fraud, and abuse; 2) Reduces costs to Lifeline Fund and Lifeline providers; and 3) Facilitates consumer choice and improved the enrollment process.

USAC reserves the right to post additional information concerning this procurement and modify the request and/or one or more of the dates listed above, and in such event, it will post a notice to the USAC website. Contractors are responsible for regularly checking the USAC website for notices concerning this procurement. USAC is not responsible for notifying any contractor of the existence of such notices or the results of a contractor failing to check the website to obtain such notices.

You may submit any questions to USAC via email.