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How to Link RAD Accounts

Once representatives have received a Rep ID, they need to give it to their company’s ETC Administrator. Only ETC Administrators can link Rep IDs to service provider’s subaccounts and API accounts.

Note: The 497 Officer will need to link the administrator’s Rep ID to the ETC Admin account. 497 Officers do not need a linked Rep ID.

The linking process occurs in NLAD, and representatives are linked to a company through its Service Provider ID Number (SPIN). Having multiple Study Area Codes (SACs) does not affect Rep ID linking.

Linking Individual User Accounts

ETC Administrators can link a Rep ID when they create the account, and they can manage or update Rep IDs for an existing account. Follow our Individual User Linking Guide to complete either process.

For linking to existing accounts, you can use the Linking Representatives File Upload Template. Keep in mind the following advice when completing the template:

  • Do not include spaces after a representative’s name when populating the template,
  • The file may contain one or more accounts,
  • All 8 column headers are required in the file template,
  • Values for “User Name” and “API ID” are conditional (1 of the 2 are required, but you cannot have values for both in the same row), and
  • The Master Agent values are optional.

Linking API User Accounts

API user accounts can have multiple linked Rep IDs. Use the API User Linking Guide to learn how to link Rep IDs through either of the two processes.