Next Steps

Final Outcomes and Next Steps

  • Once funds have been obligated during for Initial Commitment Phase, successful applicants will receive a Funding Commitment Notice.
    • Once this process is complete, you will receive further instructions on how to invoice against the award.
  • Applications deficient in any area (provider eligibility, funding eligibility, or insufficient prioritization points) will receive an Intent to Deny notice.
    • Applicants will have ten (10) days to supplement their application with any corrected or amended information for reconsideration.
    • If information is not corrected, the application will be denied.
  • Additional Funding Commitments will be made using supplemented information until funds are exhausted.

Funding Commitment Phases

Funding from Round 2 will be awarded in two phases to satisfy the statutory requirement that applicants be given an opportunity to provide additional information if their application is going to be denied.

  • Initial Commitments
    • At least $150M will be awarded to the highest-scoring applicants via commitment letters across all states, territories, and the District of Columbia. The initial commitments will be made in two steps:
      • Equitable distribution, to ensure that applications with lead HCPs in every state, territory, and the District of Columbia are awarded funding
      • Highest-scoring applications regardless of location

      Applications outside this group will be provided a ten-day period to supplement their application.

  • Final Commitments
    • After the end of the ten-day period, USAC, with oversight from the Bureau and OMD, will review and re-rank the remaining applications and award the remaining funding.