Supplementing Information Instructions

COVID-19 Telehealth Program Round 2 – Instructions for Supplementing Applications

  • Program applicants are not required to supplement their applications; applications will not lose any points even if they are not supplemented. All remaining applications, regardless of whether they include supplemental information, will be considered for awards from the outstanding funding.
  • Applications should only be supplemented with information that was not included in the original application. Only the application evaluation metrics may be supplemented; changes to funding requests may not be made. A list of the application metrics, and the corresponding points for the metrics, can be found on page 18 of the FCC’s Round 2 Report and Order.
  • When deciding whether to supplement their applications, applicants should check to make sure that they did not omit any material information, e.g., location on Tribal land, from their original applications.
  • Applicants may use the COVID-19 Hotspot data set from either May 6, 2021, or Friday, November 19, 2021 consistent with the Bureau’s Order, which can be found at
  • In order to supplement their applications, applicants should log in to their applications in the FCC portal between Tuesday, November 9 and Friday, November 19. During that period, when applicants log in to their application, they will have the opportunity to enter new information and attach relevant files. The deadline to supplement applications is 5 p.m. ET on Friday, November 19. Applicants may only supplement their applications during that time.
  • Applicants may only submit supplemental information once, so they should make sure that they have included all relevant information before clicking “submit.”
  • In order to claim application evaluation points for a metric that they did not claim on their initial application, applicants must enter:
  • The metric or metrics for which they wish to receive points, in the “Applicant Response” box. In the image below, the applicant is claiming additional points for being located (1) on Tribal land and (2) in a sustained hotspot, as indicated by the green arrows.
  • The additional points the applicant is claiming, in the “Adjustment Claim” box. In the image below, the applicant is claiming 30 addition points, with 15 for being located on Tribal lands and 15 for being located in a sustained hotspot, as indicated by the red rectangle.
  • Any information necessary to verify the applicant’s claim in the “Applicant Response” box. In the image below, the applicant would submit, at a minimum, the names and addresses of the eligible HCPs which the applicant is using to claim the relevant metric points. Applicants may also submit attachments using the paperclip icon, as indicated by the blue circle. Applicants should include the name of the metric(s) requested in the title of any new supporting attachments and describe the purpose of the attachments in the “Applicant Response” box.
  • Applicants can only submit information in these fields and through attachments. Applicants may not make direct changes elsewhere in the application.


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