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Purpose and Intent

  1. Navigate to the Purpose and Intent Tab
  2. Indicate whether you intend to treat COVID-19 patients directly
  3. Indicate whether you intend to treat patients without COVID-19 symptoms or conditions
  4. Provide any additional information to support your application (optional)
  5. Indicate if you would like to request confidential treatment of supporting documentation (optional)

Purpose and Intent 1

Disclosure Notice: By designating supporting documents and information as “Confidential,” the applicant is deemed to have submitted a request that the material be withheld from public inspection pursuant to 47 CFR § 0.459. Applicants designating documents as “Confidential” should not submit those documents in the FCC’s Electronic Comment Filing System.

To request confidential treatment of supporting documentation, answer “Yes” to the question on the bottom of the Purposes and Intent tab. Confidential information should not be included on the application form itself. Any confidential information should be submitted as an attachment.