Evaluation Metrics

The objective metrics described in this section will allow USAC to award funding to the providers that need it most. Each metric is assigned an amount of prioritization points based on insights from Round 1, public comment, and extensive consideration from the FCC. Each application will receive a score based on their evaluation metric submission from 0 to 95. Metrics will be evaluated based on the information provided in your application, which will be independently validated by the application review team. The metrics will dictate allocation of available funds for the Initial Commitment Phase.

Awards will be allocated according to the following geographical approach up to the $150MM initial commitment limit. Any applications with the same score as the last application to receive a funding commitment will also receive a funding commitment. After the initial commitment window, all remaining funds will be awarded to the highest-scoring remaining applications, regardless of location.

This will result in funding for at least two applications with lead health care providers in each state, territory, or the District of Columbia across both rounds of the Program, if such applications exist.

  1. Highest-Scoring Applications from States without Round 1 Funding Recipients
  2. Highest-Scoring Applications from States with Round 1 Funding Recipients
  3. Second-Highest-Scoring Applications from States without Round 1 Funding Recipients
  4. Remaining Applications, regardless of state, in descending order of score, until funds are exhausted