After Submission

  • Your applications will appear on the COVID-19 Telehealth Program Application Landing Page, organized by status.
    • Draft Status: Applications that have been saved but not submitted will have a Status of “Draft.” If you click on the application listed in the table, you can return to the submission form to add, remove or change the information entered, and then click Save or Certify & Submit
    • Submitted Status: Applications that have been certified and submitted will have a Status of “Submitted” in the Telehealth Applications table. If you click on the link to a Submitted filing, you will be able to view the information you submitted for that filing.
    • Needs More Information Status: If your application needs additional information, application reviewers will contact you through the portal. You will then have the opportunity to revise your application and provide additional supporting documentation.

Certification 2

  • If responding to a Need More Information request, please make the necessary changes within the application portal.
  • If a reviewer reaches out with a Needs More Information request, the applicant has two (2) days to respond to the request and provide the additional information.
    • They may request a two-day extension to this window if necessary.
  • If you do not respond to a request for information in a timely manner, you risk not receiving full consideration for requested funding, eligibility, and points for evaluation metrics during the initial commitment phase. However, you will be allowed to supplement your application within 10 days of receiving an “Intent to Deny” notification.