Annual Requirements

Annual Certification Process

Participating providers in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) are required to complete an annual certification process through the Affordable Connectivity Claims System (ACCS). This process is to certify that service providers comply with all ACP rules and regulations. Once completed, the requirement will be met for the calendar year and will not be required again until the next calendar year.

Every calendar year, officers that oversee the business activities for the Affordable Connectivity Program must read and complete the annual officer certification to confirm the Service Provider Identification Numbers (SPINs) they oversee have policies and procedures in place to comply with all ACP rules and procedures. Further details on the annual certification requirement is outlined in 47 C.F.R. Section 54.1801(f) of the ACP rules.

Only officers registered as a 497 Officer will be able to access and sign the annual certification. If the officer that will be completing the certification on behalf of the participating provider is not currently registered as a 497 Officer, they must first send an email to The email will need to include the First Name, Last Name, phone number, and the SPIN(s) that they would like to be registered for as the 497 Officer.


Who Must File:

Officers that oversee the ACP business activities for participating providers in the ACP.

Deadline for Annual Certification:

The 2022 annual certification process must be completed by December 31, 2022.

How to Certify:

  1. Login to One Portal
  2. Select “Affordable Connectivity Claims System (ACCS)” under the Lifeline section of the dashboard
  3. Select “Affordable Connectivity Program Claims”
  4. Click the link to the 2022 ACP Provider Annual Officer Certification in the yellow notification banner in the ACCS
    • The 497 Officer will be the only user role who can complete the annual certification
  5. Review and certify that the participating provider(s) comply with all ACP rules, orders, and certification procedures by entering the 497 Officer’s name, title, email, and phone number
  6. Click “Certify”