Check Consumer Eligibility

The National Eligibility Verifier (National Verifier) is the ACP’s centralized application system. Service Providers can use the National Verifier to determine whether consumers are eligible for the ACP. USAC manages the National Verifier and provides customer service to consumers through the ACP Support Center.

How It Works

Consumers have three ways to apply using the National Verifier:

In each method, the consumer will enter their name, date of birth, address, phone and email (email is optional), and select how they want to prove their identity.

If the consumer is qualifying through a benefit qualifying person (BQP), they will enter the BQP’s name, date of birth, and select how they want to prove the BQP’s identity.

The consumer will then choose from the list of qualifying programs or indicate that they qualify by income.

The consumer completes the application by initialing a series of program certifications, signing, and dating the application.

If a service provider helps a consumer apply, the service provider should use an interview style approach to complete the consumer information section. Consumers must initial the certifications and sign and date the form themselves – the service provider cannot do this on their behalf.

The National Verifier will check the consumer’s identity and eligibility against available state, federal, and other electronic databases. If the consumer is found eligible, the service provider can enroll them in the ACP. If the consumer’s identity and eligibility cannot be validated through the electronic checks, the National Verifier will provide information on the documentation needed to resolve any errors.

National Verifier Staging Site

To practice conducting eligibility checks and document upload processes, service providers can use the National Verifier staging site. Visit our staging site page to learn more about the staging site and how to access and use it.