About USAC


High Cost & Low Income Committee

The High Cost & Low Income Committee consists of nine USAC board members, including two incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC) representatives (one representing rural telephone companies and one representing non-rural telephone companies), one interexchange (IXC) carrier representative, one wireless representative, one competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) representative, one low income representative, one state consumer advocate representative, one state telecommunications regulator representative, and USAC's chief executive officer. Minutes for the High Cost & Low Income Committee meetings are available online.

Members of the Committee

Name Representing

Joseph Gillan, Chair

Competitive Local Exchange Carriers

Joel Lubin

Non-Rural Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers

Atilla Tinic

Interexchange Carriers

Ellis Jacobs

Low Income Consumers

Geoff Feiss

Rural Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers

Sarah Freeman

State Telecommunications Regulators

Cynthia E. Kinser

State Consumer Advocates

Matthew Gerst

Wireless Providers

Olivia Wein, Vice Chair At-Large
Ken Mason At-Large
Radha Sekar Chief Executive Officer

The High Cost & Low Income Committee has the power and authority to act on behalf of USAC to make decisions concerning:

  • how USAC projects demand for the High Cost and Lifeline Programs;
  • development of applications and associated instructions as needed for the High Cost and Lifeline Programs;
  • administration of the application process, including activities to ensure compliance with Federal Communications Commission rules and regulations;
  • performance of audits of beneficiaries under the High Cost and Lifeline Programs;
  • review of staff decisions pursuant to 47 C.F.R. 54.719(a); and
  • development and implementation of other functions unique to the High Cost and Lifeline Programs; as well as the setting of support that USAC will disburse to eligible telecommunications carriers.