Service Providers

Manage My SPIN

The FCC Form 498 (Service Provider Identification Number and General Contact Information Form) is used to collect remittance, payment, and contact information for service providers that receive support from the universal service programs – High Cost, Lifeline, Rural Health Care, and Schools and Libraries – administered by USAC.

When do I need to manage my SPIN?

USAC strongly encourages all companies to review their FCC Form 498 data on an annual basis and revise as necessary.

In addition to an annual review, all service providers either interested in or currently participating in a universal service program must manage their FCC Form 498 when:

  • Applying for a new Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN), or
  • Revising information for an existing SPIN. Revisions can include:
    • Updating remittance, payment, and contact information;
    • Consolidating, merging, or deactivating existing SPINs due to a merger, acquisition, or consolidation of companies; or
    • Deactivating a SPIN entirely, thus ending participation in any or all universal service programs.

What do I need to know about managing my SPIN?

Any time you apply for a new SPIN or revise an existing one, you must have the FCC Form 498 certified by your Company Officer; otherwise, USAC cannot accept your revisions.

If applying for a new SPIN, be ready to provide (on the FCC Form 498) your company's:

USAC will not accept any new or revised FCC Forms 498 unless it is certified by a Company Officer.