Schools and Libraries (E-Rate)

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Funding Tools

Search Commitments

This tool allows searches for commitment data by funding year and applicant name, city, state, zip and/or wave number.

Search Commitments Instructions

Data Retrieval Tool (DRT)

This tool allows searches for various information related to applications, funding commitments, and disbursements.

Data Retrieval Tool Instructions

BENs and SPINs

Search for BEN Information

This tool allows users to search for billed entity numbers (BENs).

Search for SPIN Information

This tool allows users to find service provider contact information by SPIN.

Urban/Rural Status

Search Urban/Rural Status

This tool allows for searching an applicant's urban or rural status. If the applicant is a school district or library system, you must correctly identify all member schools or libraries to get the correct result (information is based on the 2010 U.S. Census).

Search Urban/Rural Status Instructions

Urban/Rural Reports by State

This tool provides an Excel report of the urban/rural status for entities by state.

Urban/Rural Status Reports by State Instructions

FCC Form 470 Tools

View an FCC Form 470 (FY2016)

This page allows users to view posted FCC Forms 470 as well as any supporting documentation for FY2016.

View an FCC Form 470
(FY2015 and prior)

This tool allows searches of FCC Forms 470 that have been completed and posted by applicants for FY2015 and prior.

Download 470 Information

This tool allows downloads of summary information for service requests filed on the FY2015 version of the FCC Form 470.

Download 470 Information Instructions
List of Fields

FCC Form 471 Tools

View a 471

This tool allows the display of one FCC Form 471 application.

View 471 Status

This tool returns information on the status of all FCC Forms 471 for one applicant and one funding year.

Download 471 Information

This tool allows downloads of FCC Form 471 summary information.

Search for Tech Plan Approvers

This tool allows users to locate a certified Technology Plan Approver.

Post Commitment Tools

View FRNs with Extended Deadlines

This tool shows the last date to receive service and the last date to invoice for extended Funding Request Numbers (FRNs) in a funding year.

Updating or Changing Your Information

Change or Disable Applicant PIN

This tool allows applicants to perform certain functions related to their Personal Identification Numbers (PINs).


Submit a Question This tool allows applicants and service providers to submit questions about E-rate Program forms or topics.