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FY2016 Filing Window

February 3 - May 26 (Schools) or July 21 (Libraries and Consortia)

The 2016 filing window has been extended! You must now file FCC Form 471 by 11:59:59 PM ET on May 26 for schools and on July 21 for libraries and consortia.

During the filing window, you must first request bids for service (FCC Form 470). After a minimum of 28 days, you can then select a service provider and apply for funding (FCC Form 471) before the end of the filing window.

Funding Request: Category One

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Blog: File Along With Me

Follow our blog for step-by-step filing guidance. We divide the entire process into manageable steps and help you navigate the trickier parts of the online portal. This is a great resource for new applicants.

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E-rate Productivity Center (EPC) Guidance

The E-rate Productivity Center (EPC) is the new online platform for submitting forms. To learn how to use EPC to file for FY2016, watch one of our video tutorials and read one of our online user guides.

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Connectivity Questions Worksheet (larger users only)

Large users can request data entry assistance by completing the spreadsheet and emailing it to

For step-by-step filing guidance, watch the FCC Form 471 video series.

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