Schools and Libraries (E-Rate)

Step 6 Starting Services

Advance Installation

Support may be available for Telecommunications Services and Internet Access (Priority 1) infrastructure costs incurred prior to the funding year when certain conditions are met. If Priority 1 services will begin on or shortly after July 1 of a funding year, the service provider, in some cases, may need to undertake some construction and installation prior to the beginning of that funding year.

Within the limitations indicated below, the infrastructure costs of a service provider can be deemed to be delivered at the same time that the associated Priority 1 services begin. That is, if services begin on July 1, then the delivery of service provider infrastructure necessary for those services can be considered as also delivered on July 1.

Early Funding Conditions

There are four conditions that must be met in order for USAC to provide support in a funding year for Priority 1 infrastructure costs incurred prior to that funding year.

  • Initiation of installation cannot take place before selection of the service provider pursuant to a posted FCC Form 470 and in any event no earlier than six months prior to July 1 of the funding year.
  • The Priority 1 service must depend on the installation of the infrastructure.
  • The underlying Priority 1 service cannot have a service start date prior to July 1 of the funding year.
  • No invoices can be dated prior to July 1 of the funding year.

For more information, please refer to the FCC Order involving the Nassau County Board of Cooperative Educational Services (DA 02-3365, released December 6, 2002). This FCC decision only applies to Priority 1 services (telecommunications services and Internet access).