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Step 4 Application Review

Updated September 2016

Selective Review

The selective review is a separate component of the Program Integrity Assurance (PIA) review process that follows up on certifications that applicants make on their FCC Forms 471 about the competitive bidding process and the necessary resources to make effective use of requested services.

During a selective review, we will look at your competitive bidding documentation to ensure that a fair and open bidding process occurred. We will also review your budget to ensure that you have the money to pay for your non-discount share, and review all of the other resource areas that are part of the FCC Form 471 certifications. Other resource areas covered by the FCC Form 471 certifications include training, professional development, computers, software, electrical capacity, and maintenance to ensure that you can successfully implement technology in your school or library.

The selective review takes place at the billed entity level. An entity is considered a billed entity if it is responsible for making payments directly to a service provider. An entity that receives a bill, but does not make payments to the service provider for that bill, is not a billed entity. Generally, this means that the review will take place at the school district, consortium, or library system or consortium level. In a selective review, USAC requests and reviews information for all FCC Forms 471 that were filed by the billed entity for the current funding year (FY).

What is the SRIR?

The Selective Review Information Request (SRIR) is the document that USAC will fax/email to inform you that you have been selected for selective review and to identify the information you will need to provide to USAC.

During some selective reviews, we might look only at your competitive bidding process or specific areas of the certifications on the FCC Form 471 application. For example, instead of reviewing all components of the selective review (competitive bidding, budget, and FCC Form 471 certifications), we will focus specifically on one or more of them. The SRIR itself will only provide brief instructions on how to complete the document.

SRIR Submission Timeline

If you receive a selective review that covers your competitive bidding process and all of the areas covered by the certifications on the FCC Form 471 application, all information requested must be received within 30 calendar days from the date of the SRIR.

However, if you receive a selective review that only covers the FCC Form 471 certification areas or your competitive bidding process, all information requested must be received within 15 calendar days from the date of the SRIR.

Please note that USAC is unable to grant multiple or lengthy extensions to respond to the SRIR. However, during the course of the selective review, if information you submit is incomplete or raises other concerns related to the review, USAC will contact you for any additional information or supporting documentation that is required to complete the review. If any information you submit leads to a reduction or denial of one of your funding requests, USAC will inform you of its intention to modify or deny the funding request to ensure that you agree with the modification or denial. If you do not agree, you will have the opportunity to submit additional information or documentation to support your position prior to the issuance of a Funding Commitment Decision Letter (FCDL).

SRIR Response

Confirm Receipt - First, acknowledge that you have received the SRIR by contacting the USAC reviewer named in the SRIR.

Verify the FCC Form 471 and Billed Entity Number - Notify USAC immediately if you have any additional FCC Form(s) 471 for your Billed Entity Number that are not listed on the SRIR cover page. Also, please include any applications that may have been filed under a different Billed Entity Number if that entity belongs to the billed entity (e.g., elementary schools within a school district that file their own applications in addition to the applications filed on their behalf by the district). The selective review will include those applications as well.

Failure to identify additional applications may delay or jeopardize funding commitments and/or post-commitment disbursements. It may also result in adjustments to any funding commitments that you may receive in the future, or other action. PIA review of applications for the billed entity will continue, but no new funding commitments or payments for existing funding commitments for current funding year applications for this billed entity will be processed until the selective review is completed.

Provide Complete Response - USAC encourages you to provide a full and complete response. USAC urges you to carefully review your response before returning it to ensure that you have provided complete answers to all questions. If your response is not full and complete, your review and the approval of your funding requests may be delayed.

Submit Supporting Documentation - USAC requests copies of documents associated with your competitive bidding process, such as the relevant expense and revenue pages of your operating budget. Please indicate on the first page of each submitted document the document title and the corresponding Funding Request Number(s) (FRNs).

Complete and Submit SRIR Certification and Worksheets

The following documents may be enclosed in your SRIR:

To assist you in completing these documents, you can refer to the SRIR instructions and the FCC Form 471 Certification Worksheet instructions. Selective review instructions include clarifications and examples that expand on the SRIR instructions sent to applicants.

Who Can Respond to the SRIR?

The applicant or the applicant's authorized representative can respond to the SRIR. If the applicant's authorized representative responds, the applicant must submit a Letter of Agency (LOA) or consulting agreement authorizing the authorized representative to act on the applicant's behalf. Remember, however, that service providers may not act as the applicant's representative in this case and may not complete the SRIR for any applicant.

Status Updates

Note that the selective review is independent of other reviews conducted by PIA which may or may not still be in progress. To learn the latest status of your FCC Form 471 application, please refer to the form in the E-rate Productivity Center (EPC) or use the FRN Status Tool. For FY2015 and prior, check your application status in the FCC Form 471 Status tool. The outcome of all of the selective reviews or PIA reviews will be provided to you in a Funding Commitment Decision Letter (FCDL).