Schools and Libraries (E-Rate)

Trainings & Outreach

Tribal Training

Tribal Training is designed to ensure that applicants on Tribal lands are aware of and able to participate successfully in the Schools and Libraries (E-rate) Program. Our goal is to reduce the digital divide and promote high-speed broadband connectivity to Tribal schools and libraries.

The Tribal Liaison for the E-rate Program is a member of the Schools and Libraries staff dedicated to helping applicants from schools and libraries on Tribal lands. The liaison is available to support applicants as they navigate the program, help solve and prevent funding issues, answer questions, and much more.

Monthly Call

The Tribal Liaison hosts a monthly call for E-rate Program applicants to hear updates, receive reminders and guidance on special topics, ask questions, and listen to other applicants' questions. Feedback collected during the monthly calls will help to shape our Tribal Training and outreach initiative.

Monthly calls are generally held on the first Wednesday of each month beginning at 4:00 PM ET. If a call is rescheduled, the new date and/or time will be noted below.

2016 Schedule

Live Trainings

Throughout the year, USAC and the FCC host a variety of live training events. In this section you will find information on all upcoming trainings as they become available. Training events are offered free of charge. Contact the Tribal Liaison with any questions.

2016 Tribal Applicant Training:
This fall, join us at a day of E-rate Program training designed for schools and libraries on Tribal lands. These trainings, hosted by the E-rate Tribal Liaison, will cover the importance of broadband in Native communities and prepare you to be a successful E-rate Program applicant. The trainings will present the same information in all three cities. Register early, as space is limited!

2016 General Applicant Training:
USAC's annual applicant trainings are open to all applicants who participate in the E-rate Program. The full-day training will cover general topics for applicants. You are welcome to register for both Tribal and general applicant trainings.

If you register for Tribal Applicant Training in either Minneapolis or Seattle, we recommend that you register for general trainings the following day, which will be in the same hotel.

2016 FCC Training and Consultation Workshop:
The FCC's Office of Native Affairs and Policy (ONAP), host these Tribal broadband, telecom, and broadcast training and consultation workshops. The events are aimed at training and assisting Tribal Nations in developing more robust broadband, telecommunications, and broadcast infrastructure to serve Tribal communities.

These workshops will include a concurrent, day of E-rate Program training.

    • TBD – February 2017


Filing Forms Online

As of July 1, 2016, all E-rate Program forms must be submitted electronically. Visit the Apply to E-rate page to learn more.