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Trainings & Outreach

Online Learning Library

These learning tools are designed to help you understand and manage the form filing process, FCC requirements, and other elements of the Schools and Libraries Program. Tools include videos and recorded webinars.

E-rate Productivity Center (EPC)

Logging In featured
1:42 minutes | June 2015

Creating a New User
1:43 minutes | June 2015

Modifying Your Account Administrator
2:17 minutes | June 2015

Adding a Consultant
3:17 minutes | June 2015

Managing User Permissions
2:14 minutes | July 2015

FCC Form 470

FCC Form 470 Video Series featured
5 videos | July 2015

Competitive Bidding
13:55 minutes | March 2015

FCC Form 471

FCC Form 486

Preparing to File featured
9:09 minutes | December 2015

How to File Online
14:01 minutes | December 2015

Webinar Recordings

These webinars were hosted by USAC and provide information on a variety of topics. Each webinar was recorded live and posted below shortly after the presentation concluded. Click on the link to register to view the webinar recording.

Introduction to Fiber and Special Construction
76:44 minutes | November 2015

Introducing EPC: The E-rate Productivity Center featured
39:42 minutes | September 2015

Urban/Rural Tool
15:43 minutes | January 2015

Discount Calculations
25:54 minutes | January 2015

Category Two Budgets
25:26 minutes | January 2015