Schools and Libraries (E-Rate)

Trainings & Outreach

EPC Training Site

USAC has developed a training site for the E-rate Productivity Center (EPC). Users can practice filing forms, interact with different entity types, learn how to navigate the system, and train new users without affecting the EPC production site. Forms filed on this site will not be submitted to or reviewed by USAC.

USAC has created a number of test organizations with full rights user accounts to be used for training – independent schools, independent libraries, school districts, library systems and consortia. There are also a few consulting firm accounts to demonstrate how to choose a consultant.


In order to begin using the EPC Training Site, you will need login credentials for yourself and anyone you may be training. To gain access to the training site, complete the request form. After processing your request, we will send an email with a username and password to access the system. Once you receive the email, go to the training site to get started. Then use the Entity Profile Set-Up instructions to set up your profile(s) on the training site to begin your training.

If you request a consortium login credential, you will receive 6 logins which include your consortium account along with the child entities that are already associated to the parent consortium. If you want to practice filing an FCC Form 471 and include all of the child entities on your application, you will need to answer the connectivity questions for the 2 school districts first.

Request Form

FCC Form 471 Training Instructions

When filing the FCC Form 471 on the training site, you'll need to cite an FCC Form 470 that has been posted for 28 days within the training site system. Or you can use any of the following FCC Form 470 numbers (160000001, 160000002, 160000010, 160000011), which are available in the system for this purpose. You can use one or more of the following numbers to identify a service provider on the form: 14010001, 14010002, 14010003.


If you have questions about using the training site, email USAC at