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RHC Circuit - First Quarter 2015


1st Quarter 2015

In this issue...

RHC Program Update

New Funding Information Pages 

Visit the new "Funding Information" pages for both the Telecom and Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) programs for up-to-date snapshots of commitments, disbursements, and funding requests received and processed. 

My Portal Updates

Stay current with the latest updates to My Portal by visiting the HCF Program Applicant Updates, Telecom Program Applicant Updates, or Service Provider Updates pages.

Checklist and Task Reminders

FCC Forms 461 and 465 Available for FY2015

Applicants can now submit the FCC Form 461 (Request for Services Form) for the HCF Program or FCC Form 465 (Description of Services Requested and Certification Form) for the Telecom Program through My Portal for Funding Year (FY) 2015.
USAC allows form submission up to six months before the beginning of a new funding year (January 1, 2015 for FY2015, which begins on July 1, 2015), so that applicants may have sufficient time for the competitive bidding process. "Requests for Services" forms can be submitted at any time during the funding year, but must be submitted before June 2, 2015, to receive a full 12 months of funding for FY2015. This allows for the required minimum 28-day competitive bidding period.

Filing Calendar FY2015 Deadlines Now Available

Mark your calendars! Important deadlines for submitting forms can be found on the HCF Program FY2015 Filing Calendar and the Telecom Program FY2015 Filing Calendar. Add these dates to your calendar now to prevent missed deadlines in the future.


Also see the HCF Program FY2014 Filing Calendar and the Telecom Program FY2014 Filing Calendar for important dates.

RHC on the Road


Join RHC Program staff at the Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center's (MATRC) annual Telehealth Summit March 29 – 31 at The Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. This year's theme is "Next Generation Telehealth in a World of Accountable Care." Information about attending this summit can be found on MATRC's website. 


Join RHC Program staff at the Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center's (NRTRC) annual conference March 30 – March 31 in Seattle, Washington. This year's theme is "Innovation Through Collaboration." Information about attending this conference can be found on NRTRC's website.


Join RHC Program staff at this year's Great Plains Telehealth Resource and Assistance Center's (gpTRAC) annual conference, Telehealth Forum. The conference is April 6 – 7 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. More information about this conference and how to register can be found on gpTRAC's website.


Join RHC Program staff at the California Telehealth Resource Center's (CTRC) annual conference in Lake Tahoe, California April 8 – 9. This year's theme is "Building Connections, Breaking Barriers." Information about attending this conference can be found on CTRC's website. 

Training and Resources

New HCF Program Guide to Forms

Check out the new HCF Program Guide to Forms, available on the RHC Program section of the website. This guide provides information for each HCF Program form, including a form's purpose, who must submit it, when to submit it, additional requirements, and approximate processing times.

New TPA and LOA Information

New Third Party Authorization (TPA) and Letter of Agency (LOA) checklists will soon be added to the HCF Program pages, listing the required elements for the TPA and LOA, as well as suggested additions. 

New FCC Form 463 Guide

An "FCC Form 463 Guide for HCPs," explaining the FCC Form 463 submission process for health care providers will soon be added to the HCF Program's Forms page. The guide presents the submission process step-by-step with helpful screenshots to make submitting the form easier than ever.


Suggestions and Feedback

Not Able to Access YouTube/Vimeo?

We need to hear from you! To make our training videos accessible to as many people as possible, respond to two quick questions to let us know if your institution blocks access to either YouTube and/or Vimeo.

Requests for Topic Suggestions for Upcoming Service Provider Webinar

The RHC Program is planning to host a special training webinar customized for service providers. If you have any ideas for this training or have a specific topic that you would like to learn more about, please email the RHC Program team.


Join RHC Program staff May 3 – 5 at the American Telemedicine Association's (ATA) annual conference in Los Angeles, California. RHC Program staff will exhibit at this conference as well as participate in the special panel "How to Maximize Telehealth Benefits Using the Consortia Model" on Tuesday, May 5. The RHC Program will also host several pre-conference events, including an HCF Program training for individual HCPs, a consortia meet-and-greet, and an RHC Program feedback session. For more information about this conference and how to register for pre-conference events, visit the ATA events page on USAC's website.

FCC Update

Clarification of FCC Form 466 Supporting Documentation Deadline

The FCC has released an Order (DA 15-69) clarifying the deadline for supporting documentation associated with the FCC Form 466 (Telecommunications Program Funding Request and Certification Form). FCC Forms 466 will not be deemed complete without the receipt of all supporting documentation and associated certifications. 
If a form is received without all supporting documentation, or if supporting documentation is inadequate, USAC will inform the applicant in writing and give the applicant 14 calendar days to submit the missing or relevant supporting documentation. If an applicant does not provide a timely response to USAC's request for documentation, the funding request will be denied.
Requiring the submission of supporting documentation with the FCC Form 466 by the end of the funding year and ensuring timely responses to requests for missing supporting documentation is intended to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the RHC Program by minimizing the need to reprocess applications and by decreasing both administrative costs and form processing time.

Best Practices and Tips

Submit Forms Early

The earlier a form is submitted, the sooner it can be reviewed and processed by the RHC Program team and the sooner the funds can be disbursed. Avoid that end-of-the-fund-year rush by submitting forms early and giving yourself plenty of time to reach out to the RHC Program team for help if needed!


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1st Quarter 2015
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