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RHC Circuit - Second Quarter 2015

RHC Circuit Quarterly Newsletter

2nd Quarter 2015

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Checklist and Task Reminders

FY2014 FCC Forms 462 and 466: Due June 30, 2015

The deadline to submit a funding request form (FCC Form 462 or 466) for Funding Year 2014 for the RHC Program is Tuesday, June 30, 2015, by 11:59 PM EDT
Health care providers are required to submit a funding request form and all supporting documentation to receive funding for FY2014 (July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015). Health care providers that do not submit a funding request form are not eligible for funding for FY2014.
All forms and supporting documentation must be submitted in My Portal.

Supporting Documentation Reminder for FCC Form 462

Be advised of the requirements relating to FCC Form 462 supporting documentation. Per the HCF Order 47 CFR Section 54.643(a)(3), applicants must provide a contract, bill, service offer, letter, or similar document from the service provider that contains the following information: 
  1. The vendor(s) selected and the HCP(s) who will receive the services;
  2. The service, bandwidth, and costs for which support is being requested; and
  3. The term of the service agreement(s), if applicable.
As such, cover letters or any other documentation that is not provided by the service provider and handwritten notes by HCPs on documents provided by service providers are not compliant with program rules for supporting documentation.
Failure to supply complete valid documentation , which includes information about services, equipment, SPIN, and cost, that meets requirements will result in an information request, and failure to respond to information requests in a timely manner may result in loss of funding. 
The following resources are available to assist you with filing FCC Form 462:
  • FCC Form 462 and Instructions
  • FCC Form 462 Best Practices

RHC Program Update

Improved Process for Adding Member HCPs to Consortium 

Consortium applicants can now submit Letters of Agency (LOAs) and Letters of Exemption (LOEs) to add member HCPs to a consortium without updating the consortium FCC Form 460. Applicants can upload an LOA or LOE, add member HCPs to the LOA, and submit the LOA or LOE under the "My LOAs" tab. Once the LOA or LOE has been approved by USAC, the member HCPs on the LOA or LOE are automatically added to the consortium, without the need to update the FCC Form 460 for the consortium. This will allow consortium applicants to submit LOAs or LOEs without having to wait for the consortium FCC Form 460 to be reviewed. To learn more, see the guide for submitting an LOA/LOE

New Site and Service Substitution Functionality 

Site and service substitutions allow applicants to reallocate un-invoiced funds within commitments, subject to the terms of their contract and the Request for Proposal (RFP) associated with the commitment. Substitutions allow the flexibility to ensure that all of the committed funds on an approved FCC Form 462 are spent, even though USAC-supported services may change over the course of a commitment.
Applicants can now perform site and service substitutions within My Portal by clicking the "Substitution" button under the "Form 462" tab. Through My Portal, applicants can modify the expense items on approved FCC Forms 462, including the eligible expense information on existing line items for service upgrades, or changes, and the financial information. Substitution modifications cannot change the overall funding disposition (i.e. exceed approved funding amount or de-commit money that has already been disbursed). An instructional video is coming soon to the Online Learning Library.

RHC on the Road

State Offices of Rural Health 

RHC Program staff will participate at the State Offices of Rural Health Regional Conferences this summer. Staff will exhibit at Regions A (June 16-18 in Annapolis, MD), B (July 28-30 in Wilmington, NC), and C (August 12-13 in Lansing, MI) and will share information about the RHC Program to SORH members in each region. 

Training and Resources

New TPA and LOA Guidance Available Now!

New Third Party Authorization (TPA), Letter of Agency (LOA), and Letter of Exemption (LOE) guidance has been added to the HCF Program website, listing the purpose of each type of document, the required elements, as well as suggested additions. New guidance for individual HCP applicants can be found on the Third Party Authorizations web page. New guidance for consortia regarding LOAs, TPAs, and LOEs can be found on the Authorizations web page. 

New FCC Form 463 Guide

An FCC Form 463 Guide for HCPs, explaining the FCC Form 463 submission process, has been added to the HCF Program's Forms page. The guide presents the submission process step-by-step with helpful screenshots to make submitting the form easier than ever.

Coming Soon: Telecom Guide to Forms

A Telecom Program Guide to Forms is coming soon on the Handouts & Reference page. This guide will provide information for each Telecom Program form, including a form's purpose, who must submit it, when to submit it, additional requirements, and approximate processing times.

My Portal Updates 

Stay current with the latest updates to My Portal by visiting the HCF Program Applicant Updates, Telecom Program Applicant Updates, or Service Provider Updates pages.

Funding Information Pages 

Visit the "Funding Information" pages for both the Telecom and HCF programs for up-to-date snapshots of commitments, disbursements, and funding requests received and processed.  


Suggestions and Feedback

Customer Service Survey

We need to hear from you! Be on the lookout for a customer satisfaction survey coming to your email in July. All feedback is appreciated and will help us make the RHC Program better and easier for everyone!


The RHC Help Desk is here to support you! Visit the Contact Us page and let us know how we can help. 

Telehealth Resource Centers

Join RHC Program Staff at the upcoming TexLa Telehealth Resource Center's Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX from June 24-26. This year's theme is "Telehealth Practice Meets Transformation." More information about attending this conference is available on the TexLa website

Coming Soon: New RHC Program Calendar

Be on the lookout for the new RHC Program calendar, coming soon to the RHC Program website. This calendar will provide dates and times for all upcoming events, including webinars, trainings, and conferences we will be attending. See when and where the team will be, and hopefully you can catch us at a conference or tune into a webinar!

FCC Update

FCC-USAC Webinar July 21

Mark your calendars for the second FCC-USAC webinar, to take place July 21 at 2:00 PM EDT. A follow-up to last October's webinar, this special webinar will feature updates from the FCC, My Portal developments, and future plans for both the HCF and Telecom programs. You won't want to miss this! Registration will open soon.

Best Practices and Tips

FCC Forms 462 Without Valid Supporting Documentation Subject to Denial

Applicants must submit each funding request with complete valid supporting documentation, which includes information about services, equipment, SPIN, and cost. If an applicant fails to submit the correct supporting documentation, their funding request may be subject to denial.


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2nd Quarter 2015
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