Lifeline Support

USAC and My Company

Please Note: We are currently updating the guidance on this page to reflect the rule changes in the 2016 Lifeline Modernization Order. In the meantime, please visit the 2016 Lifeline Order page for relevant information.

USAC, the Universal Service Administrative Company, is not a telephone company. We administer the federal universal service fund for the Lifeline Program and work with telephone companies to provide eligible households with a monthly discount on either their landline or wireless phone service.

The telephone service you receive through the Lifeline Program is operated by your telephone company and for most issues with your phone service, handset and equipment, or changes to your account information, you must call your telephone company and not USAC. USAC customer service representatives do not have access to your phone records, account information, or Lifeline application and are unable to assist you with your account.

If you have, however, exhausted all possibilities with your telephone company and still have an unresolved issue, you should contact your state public utility commission. If they also are unable to resolve your issue, contact USAC.

In the chart below, in instances where you may contact both your carrier and USAC for assistance, please contact your carrier before calling USAC.





Your Carrier


I've lost my phone.


My application has been denied because my DOB/SSN could not be confirmed.

Am I eligible?


Which companies offer Lifeline in my state?


How do I apply?


Which Lifeline service plans are available?


My phone is not working.


I did not receive my minutes.


How do I recertify?

I was advised I have multiple lines in my name. Which companies have me enrolled?


My application was denied because I was identified as a duplicate subscriber.


My phone company is refusing to help me.


I received a recertification letter from USAC and I am having trouble recertifying online or through the phone system.


I was approved for Lifeline but did not receive a credit on my bill.


I recertified but my Lifeline discount has been removed from my bill.


I've called my phone company's customer service number and have not received any assistance.